Pushing Boundaries At Only 21

My journey as a veteran, when I had no experience nor a degree.

My name is Guy and recently I hit a milestone; I turned 22 years old. It all begins when I got discharged from the army. A 21 year-old person, who has spent the last 3 years serving in the army. In many cases, people have already graduated from universities in this age.

The reality is that unless you gained technical experience, veterans have few options to kick off a career either as a waiter or in a customer service position, which is not bad, but is too restricting on my opinion.

I knew that I wanted to kick off my career right away; The academic year has already began and I just couldn’t sit down or wait after graduation for at least 4 years toward 30’s. I wanted to use my time wisely without letting my early 20’s go by.

What if I wanted to become much more and gain experience? Just because I don’t have a degree yet doesn’t mean I should be overlooked. Don’t get me wrong; I graduated from high school with honors, while receiving a student scholarship. Moreover, I think that pursing a degree is essential and has crucial part in one’s career.

I wanted to change the mindset that youngsters with no practical experience could become of a value to an organization. There were many people who said that I waste my time searching adequate job and no one would hire me since I don’t have the experience nor a degree. But, something inside me kept on trying while hoping for the best.

In one of my early interviews the interviewer asked me If I want the job. I replied that I would consider the offer since I applied for other positions as well. The interviewer asked: “Which jobs could be possibly offered to a veteran?” The question certainly triggered me.

It gave me the incentive that I needed to prove to myself and to everyone else that I can be incorporated in a company, regardless one’s background. While surfing on Internet I came across an interesting piece of article Most Growing Companies of 2015. Well, do you think that I got lazy? Not at all; I started looking which companies suit me best and simply sending my resume.

A day later I got a call from the HR manager stating: “How did you find out about us?” She was puzzled. Few days later I got an interview and then I got hired. The beginning wasn’t easy at all, adjusting to an office and culture that never would I thought I would be in. Over the next few months I have been spending my time in and its subsidiary company , gaining experience in the online media and marketing fields, and meeting amazing colleagues. In fact, I’m the youngest employee of the company.

I told my friend that I started working in Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv, which is best known as a high-tech center as well as its fine restaurants. His immediate response was: “In which restaurant are you currently working in? I burst out laughing.

I would like to share my story to inspire others. My message to you all is to never give up. Don’t let anyone judge you by the cover, but only by the book. Life is full of opportunities and If you feel you have a goal in life, keep on going towards it.

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Note: This article was originally posted on LinkedIn.