Hard Things About Even Harder Things

“Holy Shit!!!” Was the thought that flooded my mind in the middle of the night as I awoke in a quivering panic of cold sweat and flashbacks. As this gutturally gripping terror flooded my body all I could manage to think was “wtf have I just done!?”

Yup, that was my state of mind just over two weeks ago as I was rabble roused from slumber. Everything hit me like a ton of bricks the night after I boldly pulled the metaphorical ripcord without a moment’s hesitation. A ripcord which mind you effectively tore me from the modest footing I had just recently managed to resolidify on the foundation of my Maslovian pyramid.

So what was this action taken that managed to abruptly disrupt my equilibrium and induce such overwhelming anxiety?

Well you see earlier that day I had just quit my previously coveted day job to pursue a new venture…not just any venture though, but a hard tech startup.

Now you’re probably wondering what would possess someone to do such a thing. The answer is simple: obsession. Newly discovered, previously unfathomable levels of excitement and intrigue have consumed me ever since I began to comprehend the potential impact of the opportunity I have been fortunate enough to presented with.

I feel it necessary to qualify that I am by no means a stranger to the gamut of startups, as I have repeatedly ridden this roller-coaster far more times than is tolerable to most. Yet this is strange new territory even for me, a fact in itself which stands to make this startup one hell of an adventure at the very least. The other night will most likely not be the last time that I’ll be gripped by the downright terror that invariably accompanies the thrill of entrepreneurial endeavors. Yet I find it necessary to note that even the worst of fears can be channeled into exhilaration, something I’ve found to be clutch in the context of manifesting something from nothing [as a product of sheer willpower]. So no, it is not a product of masochism when say that it was good to re-establish a baseline for my new local minima of mental states.

And so here I am today, the first day unencumbered by any obligation that will supersede the venture to come. I can honestly say that this is the first time I have been enthralled to such an extent. At this point I can tell you this much with certainty: hard tech creates a new high (at least in partial due to it carrying a level of improbability such that it warrants mentioning the extra level of difficulty in the nomenclature). So on the upside, I have also discovered a new local maxima for mental states.

In this nascent venture we’re faced with the challenge of proving that the perceivably impossible is not only conceivable, but very much in the realm of possibility (you’ll have to excuse my vague generalities as we’re in the process of locking up our IP)….and so in embarking on this journey I will likely encounter every permutation of emotions in-between the aforementioned spectrum of mental states and might even get to discover even higher highs and/or lower lows along the way…But this ain’t our first rodeo, so we’ve been approaching this undertaking in a deliberately mindful fashion.

Up until this point we’ve been embracing the simple mantra: fuck it, we’ve got this. We hold onto this maxim with fervent intent as we have manifested something from nothing multiple times over, but also possess the humility gained from having also fallen flat on our faces more times than we like to admit. Yet as a seeker of knowledge & truth I’d like to believe that our failures and shortcomings could have been prevented (or at least mitigated) by contextually explicit wisdom, especially if it were to have come from equally ambitious peers. It’s one thing to be presumptively explicit from the perspective of a third party, but it’s another beast to bear open wounds and scars acquired firsthand, for these experiences carry both the depth of context as well as the gravity of circumstance.

Fuck it, we’ve got this…but what are our next moves to get it if you will? Well the interwebs, in their [almost] infinite wisdom have very little breadth, let alone depth, on this path of beyond ambitious pursuit. So being a curator of knowledge at heart, I find it prudent to begin chronicling our team’s experiences while also working to compile a treasure trove of contextual wisdom out there that currently lies shrouded below the surface, at least for now.

While we lock up our IP I won’t name our amazingly capable team or attempt to rationalize our “crazy” idea, but suffice it to say I’m beyond stoked to work with those I love, trust, and respect on a project that is more synchronous with our most deeply held aspirations than we ever imagined in even our wildest of dreams. These ambitions will most likely be perceived by others as delusional, but I believe we are both sufficiently crazed as well as driven enough to transmute our vision into reality…or at the very least chronicle our attempts to do so [in efforts to empower other likeminded doers to better manifest their dreams].