Metal roof may outlast your home

According to a recent study of five metal roofs in five different climates, experts believe that metal roofs can be expected to last approximately 60 years if they are well-maintained. This finding suggests that the average homeowner who opts for metal roofing will never need to worry about re-roofing again. In fact, depending on the age of the home, a new metal roof may outlast the home itself.

Other reasons to consider metal roofing

While the lifespan of a metal roof is a big determining factor, it’s not the only want to consider. Metal roofs are also environment friendly. Because they tend to last so long, it saves on life-cycle costs. New materials don’t need to be manufactured to replace a metal roof. When the metal roof is eventually replaced, it’s 100% recyclable so none of it has to end up in a landfill.

Metal roofs are also extremely durable. They’re less likely to be damaged in big storms. Unlike asphalt shingle roofs which will need occasional repairs, metal roofs are much less likely to need repairs. This reduces maintenance costs.

Metal roofs are naturally great insulators. They will save you money on energy costs throughout the year which is great for your bank account and the environment because it preserves natural resources like gas.

Finally, there’s the look of a metal roof to consider. Most people imagine metal roofs as being rather bland and commercial-looking. But metal roofs don’t have to be for businesses only. Metal roofs can be designed to look like many other roofing materials such as tile or cedar shakes. Metal roofs can come in virtually any color and style to complement any home.

Maintaining a metal roof

As already mentioned, metal roofs are much easier to maintain that the average asphalt shingle roof. They may need some maintenance, however. In the above-mentioned study, researchers found that the fasteners should be replaced every 20 years or so. The cost of this kind of maintenance however is only about 20% of the cost of a complete roof replacement. In short, the choice to install a metal roof will save money with each passing decade that you don’t need a new roof.

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