Four reasons you should spend your tax refund on your roof

Tax Day is upon us and while that’s bad news for many, millions will be getting a tax refund from the IRS instead of writing a check. If you’re one of the lucky ones receiving a check instead of writing one, you may want to consider investing it into your roof. Sure it’s not as fun as taking a much needed vacation or buying a new flat screen TV or some other toy but here are a few reasons you should still consider it.

1. It’s a good investment

Unlike an expensive toy or a vacation, a new or repaired roof is an investment. It will increase your home’s value so that when you do sell it, you get a lot of that money back.

2. It’s cheaper than a roof leak

Eventually you will need to repair or replace your roof. Putting it off will only result in leaks, interior water damage, and thousands of extra dollars in repair costs. So while it’s not exactly fun to spend a tax refund on something as mundane as roof maintenance, think of the money you’re saving down the road.

3. It can cut your energy bills

Depending on the roofing material you choose, your new roof can be significantly more energy efficient which is just another way that you can make your tax refund work for you. Each month you’ll be saving money on gas and electricity

4.It can lower your home insurance

A new roof can cut your home insurance costs by as much as 10%. Since a lot of the damage that homes can sustain result from a worn down roof, replacing it with a new one reduces risk on the part of your insurance provider which translates to more money in your pocket.

If it’s time for a new roof or some roof repairs and you’re expecting a tax refund, contact a Spokane roofing company to see about getting a free estimate.

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