Remnant Fellowship Church Hosts Angels Armoire Ministry

Gwen Shamblin divides her time between responsibilities as founder and pastor at Remnant Fellowship Church and her role as director at Weigh Down Ministries. A dedicated philanthropist, Gwen Shamblin established the Angels Armoire ministry to serve local individuals in need.

Based in Franklin, Tennessee, Angels Armoire is the only clothing ministry that Remnant Fellowship Church operates. Anyone from the local community is welcome to consign their unwanted garments to the ministry after ensuring that they are clean, buttoned, and hung on hangers. Angels Armoire accepts everything from children’s clothing sets to formal attire, which ensures that a wide variety of items are available at each sale.

Angels Armoire sells consigned items during bi-monthly assemblies and other sales throughout the year. Most recently, the ministry hosted a clothing sale to celebrate the beginning of the 2016–17 school year. In addition, Angels Armoire frequently plays host to a number of “Red Tag” sales that offer items at a discounted price.

In order to facilitate the success of the ministry, Angels Armoire welcomes the participation of volunteers from the local community. These individuals come together every first and third Sunday and second and fourth Monday of the month to support the program.

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