Why Sports Are a Sad and Dangerous Waste of Time
Jim Cummings

Overall, I think the article was informative and enjoyable. It was like watching a sports game, but I felt better reading your article about sports, versus watching a dull reoccurring sports outing. Where one team will eventually wins!

I agree, that sports is detrimental to our lives. Yes, there are many productive things to do, then waste our money on sports and watching sports for that matter. In essence, sports was supposed to be leisure- or past- time. Now, it has become all year round activities. Which is good for sports- and pub- businesses. In the end, it will not benefit the end user.

In general, people are following the masses, they want a sense of belonging, they are looking for a community. And sports offers that to them. Also, sports is replacing religions. Some fans have gravitated towards sports, more than attending religious ceremonies (Steffensmeier, 2009). Its just the nature of the beast.

You write, “ These men are just using sports as a vehicle for their aggression, all over the country, regardless of the team. They spend game days mutually releasing tension and hostility and they call it supporting their hometown. Likewise, when their team wins, they are imagining their involvement in its success and they feel glory that might otherwise be missing from their lives. These men are not cheering for a team, they are making up for their perceived inadequacies, and they buy and wear clothes that broadcast this everywhere they go.” This is whole lot to claim with no backing from the scientific community my friend.

Steffensmeier, T. R. (2009). College Football and Local Identity. Sporting Rhetoric: Performance, Games, and Politics, 218.

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