GymSym — Create and Edit List Views

Reps don’t have to go to a new page to create a list view or to edit an existing view’s filters. They do everything from the current page.
Choose New from List View Controls, and then name the list and set sharing options.
The Filters panel pops out when your reps create a list view, select Edit Filters from List View Controls, or click list view filters icon. Filters let your reps display records based on criteria they set. They have different options depending on the object type. When they add a filter, they specify a field (1) and an operator (2), then select or enter a value (3). For example, if some of your reps are planning a trip to San Francisco, they can create a list of accounts to visit by setting a filter where Billing City equals San Francisco. They can further refine the list by filtering by industry type, or by other fields.

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