Work waits for everyone, life waits for no one.

Work waits for everyone, life waits for no one.
I woke up this morning to blue skies and cotton candy clouds. I knew, that if I played my cards right, it could be a good day.
The Sun had only made a brief appearances in over a week, leaving a severe Vitamin D deficiency, and a piss poor attitude. I had enough energy to prepare a picnic for 8, and so I did. I invited Baba (grandmother in Czech) to walk over the hill with us to my sister in laws house, to share in gluttonous revelry and playful banter.
“Nevím če če, mam hodně práce!” (I don’t know chick, I have a lot of work!)
I say to her in my pitiful czech: “práce čeka pro všichni, život čeka na nikdo” (work waits for everyone, life waits for no one)
She laughed at me.
But she came with us!
So, there was much sharing of thoughts, and ideas, and we enjoyed each other between nibbles, and we enjoyed the Sun between the clouds.
Sitting here now, with nothing left to do but digest, I contemplate the life I have had since my midget me’s were born.  I realize how difficult it has been for me to let myself enjoy life.  All my responsibilities weigh me down, making me a Negative Nancy, with Bitchy Bailey as an alternate personality. Several times, I have been adamant, that I would never smoke weed again.  Several times, I have failed.  I understand why now.  Yes, I was way more productive, but I was also way more miserable.  Every time a really hard day came along, I would Jones for Mama Marijuana, and for some reason, it would always immediately become available, and always for free! But I wouldn’t just smoke on that really hard day, I would smoke all day, if I could get away with it.  Then the next, and the next.  Soon, I was miserable again.  Pissy because I had no self control, and my supply was always running low.
Here’s the thing. I wasn’t miserable because I wasn’t smoking!  I was miserable, because all work and no play makes Bailey a dull Bitch!
No socializing, because I had work to do.
No playful siestas with my monkeys, because I had work to do.
No late night romps with my husband, because I had to wake up early, I had work to do.
I feel like I broke and starting smoking that heavenly hashish, because it was the only way I could let myself have a bit of fun! Boo fuckin’ hoo.
So this time around, I am going to have more picnics. And right now, I am going to go siesta with my midgets.
Maybe tonight, I’ll surprise my husband with a good ol’ fashion fool around.
I definitely won’t be getting stoned.
Boo fuckin’ hoo.
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