Abdul Sattar Edhi

A man is judged by social norms.People who make something different are rare and they make history.This life gives chances to everyone but only some people avail these.Abdul Sattar Edhi was the great humanitarian in world of selfishness who always think to help the needy people since his childhood.He was sermonize by his mother since childhood as well as this quality came from his father and grand father.

The sensitive nature of Abdul Sattar Edhi made him so kind because a sensitive person can feel the pain of people more effectively.The way he used to help his neighbor’s women and needy one, his life was same as like typical Pakistani middle class child but his humanity and pain for needy people create the difference in his life he embraces many time by ill thinking of people but he did not loose hope and keep Amal.

In my personal i feel embraces when i failed to qualify for General duty pilot at PAF but after that time i continue struggling in intermediate and got good grades to qualify for Engineering degree.

Just start Project Goal:

My basic goal for just start project is to help some one for mental satisfaction and got reward from ALLAH.

The purpose of this work is mental satisfaction and pleasure to see the children offering prayer on this.I know from these small steps i can make a big change.


Time Management:

I am living far away from my home in a hostel so it was difficult for me to manage time for this activity today I just take a step to schedule my time for this activity.

Selection of Mat:

There are different types of mat available in the market so it is difficult to buy 1st time and select one of them so I advised from shopkeeper that plastic mat is not suitable for short time usage so I select traditional mat for this purpose.

Right place:

Choosing a right place for placement of mat is an important take because at zuhar time the sun light irritate the worshippers.

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