“The Princess Bride” by William Goldman


Well what can I say, one of my favorite movies and I finally got around to reading the book, but….was not impressed. The movie does follow the plot of the book, but the book really feels like the author just needed an outlet to talk about himself and try to be witty. He is CONSTANTLY interrupting his own story to talk about the “original” author (which is also him) in a cheeky way that is supposed to (I think) make you like the author more and find the entire story more amusing, but it fails in doing this in my opinion. I found myself skipping sections because the author is so, for lack of better word, braggy about himself. It became tiring and lame and I nearly stopped reading the book because of the author’s self-indulgence. However, the plot itself, which I wanted to read was actually good and provided the back-stories of the characters I have always enjoyed watching. I guess that made it worth the read, but barely.

Favorite quotes:
“Life is pain,” his mother said. “Anybody that says different is selling something.”
“But I also have to say, for the umpty-umpth time, that life isn’t fair. It’s just fairer than death, that’s all.”

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