Enough is enough – best foot forward

Dear readers

I’ve had nearly 10,000 views of my Susan J Fowler post on LinkedIn.

As a reminder I committed to:

“So here is a reason women are not flocking to tech jobs / not staying. It tallies with what women have told me over 20 years in tech.

I love the fact that at last someone is being believed & getting huge support from men & women. So far, she has 18.7k likes. on Twitter for speaking up. Perhaps its a Rosa Parks moment?

We need data & an anonymised survey to find out what is happening here in the UK.

Who will sponsor / fund it ? I will make it happen.

It needs sorting out now.”

The responses came rom a diverse range of countries and backgrounds – so it seems this issue does resonate worldwide – with men and women.

I was interested that so many employment lawyers liked my post so perhaps they are seeing cases like this in their caseloads?

I have also had people contact me from industries other than technology, saying this is happening in their fields too.

So I need to ‘Make it happen’ and the scope may be bigger than I first thought. E.g just the UK or wider? Just technology or wider? Only women or wider?

I am going to spend the weekend drawing up a draft plan and an idea of the of partners or stakeholders to involve, the resources we need and learning about Crowdfunding.

I have a pro-bono programme manager in mind so hopefully I can convince her to help me with the Crowdfunding stage.

Shared Values

I feel strongly that any individual that gets involved must have a very strong ethical stance and any organisation must be committed to implement any findings from the data – in full – root and branch within their organisation.

My thinking is that it also needs to avoid being party political.


There will need to be a steering group and a delivery team.

We would need to meet in London – which is where I am based.

Some of the resources needed are:

  • A journalist for communications (on this occasion I think not the Guardian – somrone more neutral – thoughts?)
  • A data science company.
  • A web company to design and deliver the survey.
  • Security advice to ensure anonymity.
  • A programme manager.
  • Data from existing sources e.g. LinkedIn
  • A high profile sponsor – who – needs a lot of thought ? Which will depend on the scope of the programme.
  • What else?

Please comment below so that I can incorporate any views / thoughts into the initial proposal for Crowdfunding.

Many thanks for your enthusiasm and support!

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