Three Traits of Highly Successful SEO consultants

There are so many SEO consultants available but how to choose one? We will discuss three traits of SEO consultants which differentiate the good ones from the great ones.

Firstly, the SEO consultant should eagerly understand your business, the motto, the aim and the vision. It is widely acknowledged that before laying out the strategy of success for your business on the internet, the consultant should have a sound understanding of your business. Only after the SEO consultant has a clear understanding of the marketing goals and the overall business of the client, he can formulate a strategy of success and a winning SEO campaign.
If the consultant understands what you want to achieve via your online campaign, creating a successful SEO campaign would be easy for him. Otherwise, your SEO campaign would be no better than the proverbial headless chicken.

Secondly, the SEO consultant should have a holistic knowledge of the SEO practices ideally, he should understand concepts of business, including business objectives, demographics of target audience, marketing strategies, media mix & flight dates, messaging, creative considerations, success metrics, methods of measurement, and dependencies.

However, apart from those, he should have sound understanding in his core expertise areas. He should understand natural SEO, email marketing, paid campaigns, online reputation management, social media marketing, content creation and marketing, conversion optimisation, landing page optimisation and more. A knowledgeable SEO consultant can properly guide your online marketing campaign. There are some SEO consultants in Essex who can be named in this regard.

Thirdly, the SEO consultant should have brilliant verbal and written communication skills. He would be charged with the duties of monitoring and reporting and he would provide the clients with the status of the SEO campaign.

He should be able to make lucid suggestions on how to improve traffic or how to drive conversion. A month’s reporting should be enough to judge the consultant. Constant, clear and concise verbal and written communication sets a great consultant apart from a decent one.

If you are looking to drive your sales and improve the user behaviour of your website, you need a SEO consultant. Please don’t engage the first consultant who impresses you but check him out on these three criteria. If he passes these tests, you can engage him for a trial period. Once he meets your expectations, you can sign a permanent contract. Talk to his existing clients to get a better idea of his capabilities.