Weekly Update #4

Nov 19, 2018 · 3 min read

The past week was dedicated to creating tools that would make it easier for H2OX to grow and reach more people but as always, some bugs got in the way and there have been a lot of changes.

There were some fundamental additions to the project.
The Pool forged its first block.
15 established tokens were selected for a free listing.
And a lot more…

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Here is what exactly happened in the past week

Bug Fixes

New features bring new bugs with them so, once more, I have been chasing after those. I released or fixed new features almost daily this past week!

The First Block

The H2OX Leasing Pool forged its first block at a block-height of 1262984
with a generating balance of about 3800 Waves.
There were some issues with the automated payout, as it should be expected when running experimental software for the first time.
After a few quick fixes and several retries (yes, the block reward was paid out multiple times) the payments for the first block were distributed to about 150 accounts.

Soft Decimals

Some tokens on the Waves platform have no or only a few decimals which sets some limitations on the trades they can perform.
That is why I introduced “soft” decimals. A way for those tokens to obtain more decimals for easier trading.
This was a fundamental feature since it went deep into the project’s infrastructure.

Free Token Listings

15 established tokens were selected for a free listing, here’s the list:
Apis Token (APIS)
CoffeeCoin (COF)
Incent (INCNT)
Mercury (MER)
MinersReward (MRT)
OceanLab (OCL)
RewardMob (RMOB)*
TurtleNode (TN)
WavesCommunity (WCT)
Waves Mania Utility Token (WMUT)
Waves World (WW)

The listings functionality will become available as features are released.
*When available

Leasing Pool Bonuses

In order to grow the leasing pool, I introduced pool bonuses!
Every member on the platform is now able to donate some of their tokens to the leasing pool in order to boost interest.

A new pool is created for every token that is donated and will be distributed to leasers according to their pool share.
To start, I donated the following tokens to the pool:
10 Waves to be distributed as 0.2 extra Waves per forged block.
1000 TurtleNode — 25 TN per forged block.
500 CoffeeCoin — 25 COF per forged block.

Other members donated too! Have a look at the current pools
for the next block: Pool Bonuses

Gateways (Again)

Every week, there is always something that will draw my attention away from the current task list. Last week, it was the gateways again!
I have been thinking a lot about which coin to add first but didn’t find any that would be a nice fit (and would be easy enough to integrate), even though community members had some great suggestions.
And with the task restructure the gateway was moved back into December.
See the Roadmap Preview for more details on planned features.

But, I secretly have been working on a Bitcoin and Ethereum Gateway with
ERC-20 support (talk about easy to integrate!).
I know there already are gateways for these coins (except the ERC-20 support) but I’m still drawn to them.

What’s next

  • Token Creator Tools (Finally)
    With all the changes that have been happening on the platform, the Token Creator Tools got a little left behind and are now overdue for release.
    Since the tools depend on many other features to be ready, they were moved back on the task list.
    This week, it’s all about the Token Creator Tools!
  • Airdrop Feature
    The airdrop feature is planned to be released after the Creator Tools so that will be one of the priorities for this week.
  • Tasks Overhaul
    The underlying software for the Tasks feature will be completely restructured to integrate it better with the existing system.
  • Telegram Bot
    I will also be working on an All-Purpose Telegram Bot that will include a tipping and an airdrop feature and also allow a new task option for telegram group/channel joins.

Remember, if you don’t ask you won’t know!
So please join our great community on your favorite channel(below)
and ask questions! 😃

Here are some links to join the community:
H2OX site: h2ox.io
Telegram: t.me/H2OXio
Twitter: twitter.com/H2OXio
Discord: discord.gg/79ZyXKt
Waves forum: forum.wavesplatform.com/t/h2ox


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