Don’t change your mind at the final moment!

Recently me and a friend of mine decided to go on a trip to another city. We were planning to watch this upcoming movie but the moment we reached our destination, something changed and we both simply decided to travel to a hill station.

So we turned the car, filled in some gas and began our new journey (with of course Google Maps). However, this journey towards our new destination started to feel like a mistake as we never expected so much traffic and road blocks. At last, we reached the hill station and the weather there was beyond better than what we expected. However, it costed us two more hours than the time estimate we had in mind. This whole journey suddenly turned in to a road trip and we hardly stayed out of car for like 15 minutes or so during this whole 400 miles of non stop travelling.

On my way back, I was neither disappointed nor satisfied with the decision we took. We heard that the movie we missed out on broke many past records. That was a heart breaker. We hardly got time to enjoy what we planned earlier. While I was in the middle of these thoughts, something simply became clear to me.

Whenever you have decided to do something, you shouldn’t pivot away from your plan at the eleventh hour.

Especially when you’re near to success. When you’re about to get successful. Leave too early for a new destination and all the hard work you have put in this first campaign will go in vain. You don’t know what the new destination holds for you. But what you know is that you’re definitely missing out on the first opportunity you tried to grab. You ignore the low hanging fruit for something that you have no idea to get and you’ll always have that feeling of “IF”.

If we could have forced ourselves to stick with the original plan , we could have easily enjoyed the movie and what not. Because at the end, you got the satisfaction of only one struggle, when you actually paid for two.

Be consistent with what you plan to do. Do it till the end unless you’re going towards a complete failure. But when the success is shining right in front of you, don’t be over smart and take it. A wise person learns from others’ mistake and never by experience. I had to experience, but you still have a choice to be much wiser than myself.

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