5 Secrets to an Engaging eLearning

So……you are looking for fun and engaging way to train your employees?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone… most employers today are looking for new and fun ways to engage a large force of millennial employees.

Millennials are this buzz term we hear thrown around all the time but…

What do training, millennials, eLearning engagement and the workplace have in common with one another?

As of 2012, it was estimated that there were approximately 80 million U.S Millennials*. This means, that if your task force isn’t comprised of a large group of millennials now, it will be soon. Just as the landscape of your workplace is changing with this generation, your learning and development strategy will need to change too. Millennials are practical and results-oriented. Meaning they are interested in processes and services that work to speed up their interactions. They also prefer to be recognized for their efforts and gravitate towards merit systems. Millennials are practical — when offered a service, they do not have the time or patience to use a service that is not reliable. What does this mean for you as an employer training millennials? It means that you need to be made aware of the 5 Secrets to Creating an Engaging eLearning because — to be quite frank — if your employees are not engaged, they are not going to take the training.

Here are the 5 Secrets to Creating an Engaging eLearning:

1) Training Comes First.

Do not underestimate the power of a sleek, responsive, visually-stimulating training. Training should have good ID (instructional design) work, should go through an extensive quality assurance check (QA/QC), be responsive, multi-platform, and have bite-sized content. I said it above, and I will say it again, a large number of your task force who are going to engage in online training are millennials and if your training is dry, takes forever to upload, and is too wordy — you will lose your audience.

2) Training Needs to be Relevant to the Learner.

Again, millennials are practical. They are not interested in learning about something that does not pertain to them. Know your audience when you’re developing training objectives. If you need to develop multiple pieces of training for multiple job types, do so; because you can assume a practical-millennial has already left the training if they don’t see that the training pertains to them. Know your audience, set expectations as to what the training should accomplish, and finally, ask yourself “Is this training appropriate for the audience?”

3) Knowledge Checks, Gamification, Learning Paths & Measured Activities.

Millennials are the most educated generation in Western history. That is a big deal, and this speaks volumes to the type of training you create, millennials do enjoy learning and attribute success to education. Test your millennial employees’ knowledge, challenge them by setting them up with learning paths and training goals that are reward-based; dish out badges, leader boards, promotions, and small-to-large incentives and you will have a dedicated training following.

4) Make Them See What’s in It for Them.

A millennial wants to see and — most importantly — be rewarded for their progress. Reward success with the ability to play a game at the end of training, enter a contest or develop training that unlocks levels of success, and you will have them hooked. Provide them with a report card, or a map that lays out their progress, and you will get the training results you have always dreamed of.

5) Create an Environment Where Employees Can Discuss Their Training.

Teamwork is a concept that is valued by millennials because working together is far more effective than doing it alone. Creating a training environment where employees can discuss training: what they took away from the course, which courses they found helpful, which concepts they didn’t understand allows employees to work together, engage one another, and can be used as a tool to help employees teach employees.

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This article was not written by me and was originally published by HALIGHT.


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*The List of Millennial Characteristics