Ineligibility and Non-serious Behave of DHO Office Charsadda regarding to eliminate the vagabond, wandering autoimmune (pemphigus) and inflammatory skin disease dogs in UC Tarnab Charsadda.

picture taken from UC Tarnab Charsadda KPK Pkaistan.

Union Council Tarnab is the main town of district Charsadda but unfortunately the management of District Charsadda continuously ignore this area and also treat of apathy for people of Tarnab.

Nowadays in town there are a huge number of vagabond and inflammatory skin diseased dogs it’s neither more perilous for environment but also more deadly for the health of peoples. Some of the cases which happened due to these stray dogs are five people of UC Tarnab is get bitten due to this stray dog and mostly hunt and ramble into a garden and even harm home pets such as buffalo’s sheep and goats. These stray dog meanders into a farm land and causes harm to livestock. The health ministry publish a journal in which he mention that They might spread Rabies, a deadly disease that can be easily communicated and passed on to human beings. Even though all the temperate-blooded animals can obtain and also pass on rabies, dogs are considered to be the most common transporter of this disease worldwide. Rabies is causing more number of human deaths every year and the count is increasing year after year.

The people of UC Tarnab Charsadda had mention this serious issue to the District management and especially to DHO office Charsadda to solve this issue from since four month continuously to but there is no such response and serious action taken about this.

The spokesman of UC Tarnab Malmale Nazim HAJI IHSAN KHAN, Medical technician ARSHID KHAN and the most active Social media person UZAIR JAN as self-visit to the office of DHO Chasradda but same scenario they just give him fake promise but in reality no action and progress from that department. This is totally negligence of DHO Charsadda.

We demand from the Government of KPK to take strictly Action against this Department specially DHO Charsadda and enlisting the new Team and to make sure solve this contagious problem.

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