HARA and Aruna collaborate to bring data visibility of Indonesia’s fisheries sector

HARA is proud to announce a new partnership with Aruna to bring data visibility and optimize the supply chain of the fisheries sector, with a financial institution as the first target of data buyers.

Aruna is a fisheries e-Commerce Platform focused on helping to develop coastal economy by creating a fair and transparent fisheries trade through technology innovation. In their work, Aruna has developed a mobile application for customer and buyer to find high-quality seafood for communities. 
In this partnership, Aruna positions itself as a Data Provider in the HARA Ecosystem. With Aruna’s current network of 1,701 more than 1,700 local fishermen communities across 16 provinces in Indonesia, we are excited to have a variety of robust data in the HARA ecosystem, that data buyers such as financial services, insurance, etc can access to.

“As a data exchange platform, HARA can help Aruna provide more added value for the local fishermen Aruna has been working with by making their data to be valuable and useful to the other stakeholders.” — Farid Naufal Aslam, CEO of Aruna.

Aruna and HARA both aim to use technology to help the food and agriculture industry in Indonesia to reach its full potential. By working together, Aruna’s fishermen act like field agents in the HARA Ecosystem. They collect their own data to HARA and eventually will be able to gain access to fair banking services which they can afford to repay, have crop insurance against vulnerability such as floods or droughts, and have fairer negotiating a position with the off-takers that leads to a better price for their products.

“The collaboration with Aruna is the first study case in the aquaculture sector where HARA with its decentralized technology through the blockchain will become a platform for fishermen to have access and connect with other stakeholders without any intermediaries such as banks, insurance, high quality feeds provider, and equal access to market.”— Firnando Sirait, HARA VP Business Development & International Operation.

HARA is excited to welcome Aruna into our network of partners. We look forward to working together in developing new and improved solutions for issues at play not just in the food and agriculture industry, but fisheries sector too to create a real social impact.

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