The Real Game of Thrones — A Brief Comparison

Game 3 of the 2017 NBA playoffs is now complete, game 4 is upon us. Being a Cavs fan, my heart is a bit heavy. I cling to the hope of an outcome like last year. Looking back, my tele glowed with coinciding events Sunday, June 19th 2016. Game 7 of the NBA Finals and Game of Throne’s (GOT) ‘Battle of the Bastards’ (Season 6/Episode 9).

As I nervously nibbled through 90% of Public School’s bar menu, ginger beer in hand, my eyes cast upon the NBA Finals, CAVS vs GOLDEN STATE. My husband giggled in the background as I failed to contain a “Space Jam Two!!!” yell, preceding LBJ’s 1st quarter power dunk on Klay Thompson.

As halftime rolled around, the bill was paid and we hopped back on our bikes to quickly cycle home, peddling down Jackson Ave, eager to not miss a second of this neck and neck battle. We slapped the blinds shut, turned the lights down, but turned the volume up. The voices of the announcers blared, the jeering crowd and our own cries of anguish and excitement rang out.

The 2nd half brought a second course meal of fingernails, shit talking, and some furiously nodded agreements at the referees. But a silence fell as LBJ fell…After accepting a pass from Kyrie Irving, Draymond Green rose to the “wicked witch” occasion fouling LeBron. There was a half-a-second hush, I swear I heard all the way from Cleveland; our hero had fallen. Yet, as quickly as he was down, he was up! Not only that, but he direly needed to make at least one of those deadly free throws to keep the lead. It was the last minute of the 3 point game. You kidding me!?

Missed the first, but sank the second — phew! Ball changed hands, Golden “Great” was in possession, time tick-tocked down, reverberating in my brain. The clock flat lined! We’d won, WON, WON! A flood of tears rushed my eyes — OKAY — maybe uncontrollable sobs. But, it was an incredible feat that took 52 years and a king finally conquered, riding on waves of blood, sweat and sweet tasty tears of victory. Cleveland Cavaliers, reining champs and LeBron James with that golden “crown”.

It’s uncanny, the resemblance this championship game played to the same evening’s viewing of GOT where the premise displays a great battle. It didn’t strike me until the following Monday morning as the NBA Finals game celebration crept into my work space. The Ohio pride bled through the thick “golden” smog of southern California. I gabbed away with a fellow gal in my office, sharing in the mutual joy of winning. We fluidly transitioned into our continued excitement with the unforgettable GOT episode, which showed post NBA Champs.

In the ‘Battle of the Bastards’ episode, John Snow’s hodgepodge army took on Ramsay Bolton’s impressive numbers. As arrows flew through the air and Snow’s crew gets surrounded, they slowly diminished to a pile of corpses. My heart yearned for another win. Snow must prevail! Yet, John Snow was nearly trampled and another hush washed across all HBO viewers. A disorienting scene filled the screen with blood, soil and Snow — gasping for breath. But he got up and got out, not yet willing to let death cross him again!

After seeking out his retreated enemy, Snow was faced with another challenge, to defeat Ramsay in hand to hand combat. There he stood bow and arrow pointed at his brow. He repeatedly blocked 3 impactful shots to his shield, knocked Ramsay off his rocker and unleashed beast mode. After the heart wrenching, history making, Stark sweep, he humbly gave his sister Sansa the privilege to complete her rite of revenge.

In conclusion to both of these great battles brought me feelings of immense joy and redemption, all in one evening. The comparable qualities of LeBron James and John Snow in their final hour resonate in many ways:

  1. They’re both from other sides of their competitors wall; other sides of the country
  2. “Winter is coming” definitely applies to both The North & Northern Ohio (Come on! Polar vortex? LBJ needs to adopt that phrase, this ain’t no Miami)
  3. Both are regarded to as ‘King’
  4. Leader of the Free Folk pack (including giants); leader of the Cavs pack (including modern day giants)
  5. John basically rose from the dead (he actually did once) during the final battle to represent his family’s homeland; LBJ rose to the occasion during game 7 after his Green foul to represent his family’s hometown, reputation and namesake! All for one, one for all.

I’m SO looking forward to tonight. Funny enough even as I write this, I sit on the sidelines of my husband’s men’s league soccer game and watch as he battles a team named…The Warriors. I won’t share if they’ve won, or lost.

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