5 Reasons HBCU Students Should Support Allstate’s Quotes for Education

1 — Allstate makes it easy for us to do our part. So, do your part.

You can’t pretend to love and support your HBCU when you won’t even take 3 minutes to get a free quote so Allstate can donate $10! Visit allstate.com/HBCU

2-There is no catch, it takes 3 minutes, and it’s FREE.

Us: Why are you salty?

Them: Companies and organizations always forget about supporting HBCUs

Us: Salt is for steaks. Besides, Allstate hasn’t forgotten. They have this great campaign where they donate $10 a quote! Visit allstate.com/hbcu

3 — It is important to support businesses that support us!

Them: Our Black colleges need support, why don’t companies supports HBCUs?

Us: OMG Allstate has this great campaign, that literally takes like 3 minutes to get a quote, and they’ll donate $10!

Them: OooOoo Allstate allstate.com/hbcu

4 -Which HBCU couldn’t use $10?

The cost of college education continues to rise. This year’s goal for Allstate’s Quote’s for education can by 199 dorm essentials, classes for 106 students of textbooks for 166! Don’t cry, get a quote! allstate.com/hbcu

5-Allstate has already raised $1.6million over the years for this campaign.

Can we catch you buy a computer instead? So you can take 3 minutes to get a free quote? So Allstate can donate $10 to our nation’s black colleges? allstate.com/hbcu

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