HBO chairman & CEO Richard Plepler’s response to comments made during DISH’s earnings call today:

HBO Statement:

It’s important to clarify that it was DISH who dropped the HBO and Cinemax signals at midnight on October 31st, not the other way around. In fact, we offered to extend our current contract while we continued negotiating. An idea that DISH initially agreed to and then oddly changed their mind about at the eleventh hour. The terms of our proposal were advantageous to DISH compared to their current deal. We’re actually perplexed by their unwillingness to take this proposal as an opportunity rather than perpetuating a conflict which only hurts consumers. The notion that AT&T had anything to do with our inability to reach a reasonable deal with DISH is simply not true. It seems to be a silly but transparent attempt on DISH’s behalf to muddy the waters for reasons only they can explain.