Violent Delights: A Westworld Podcast

108: Trace Decay

On this week’s podcast, Andrew, Dwayne, and Tosin deconstruct Westworld Episode 1.8 “Trace Decay” as they ask, What’s next for Maeve and her army? Will Sizemore be able to get Abernathy out of the park? What happened in Church Town in Westworld beta? Who’s behind the masked pagans?, and IS ELSIE REALLY DEAD?!!…

Ford orders a reluctant Bernard to conduct business as usual. Maeve looks to change the script for her storyline. Dolores finds it increasingly difficult to separate dreams from reality. Teddy is jarred by dark memories, while the Man in Black recalls some of the travails that brought him to this critical juncture.

Violent Delights is a weekly podcast where hosts Andrew Sorcini, Dwayne DeFreitas, and Tosin Onafowokan discuss HBO’s Westworld, and the larger questions this ambitious show hopes to tackle.

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