Babylonia Exchange Listing | Partnership | HBZ/BBY Swap Program

Exchange Listing & exclusive HBZ token swap (8:1 BBY) pre BBY at $1.20. Helbiz signs a multifaceted deal with the new crypto exchange Babylonia and announces early access for HBZ holders, HBZ listing and exclusive HBZ token swap.

Helbiz is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with the new crypto exchange Babylonia. Babylonia is a new user-friendly exchange soft-launched this week.

Babylonia is built to cater new and institutional traders alike on an intuitive platform and will feature pure USD and Euro pairs giving users the ability to purchase crypto directly from debit and credit cards. The full Babylonia platform, with its Pro trading view is set to launch in November followed by Fiat purchasing but HBZ token holders will have access to both the platform and early access to the BBY token which is exclusively available through HBZ.

Babylonia will help Helbiz achieve its long term vision to develop a mobility and payment ecosystem and provide a series of backend functions to improve both usability and ability to acquire and spend HBZ in-app.

The Story Of Babylonia

With its name rooted in the most famous city from the ancient Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization and origin of the modern banking, law and monetary system of today we are setting out to reshape the cryptocurrency market for the modern society, building the global infrastructure for a digital asset centered tomorrow, similar to that of the ancient Babylonia starting with our initial Product Suite.

Babylonia aims to become one of the leaders of the digital transformation building the bridge between cryptocurrencies and real-world application, creating an intuitive platform while building an open global infrastructure increasing usability through a variety of hardware solutions and government partnerships.

Aiming to set a new standard for cryptocurrencies globally, Babylonia will serve institutional traders and general public alike pairing lighting fast trade execution, integrated aggregated newsfeeds with diverse liquidity pools ensuring the tightest spreads and deepest orderbooks.

A cryptocurrency exchange designed from the ground up making the acquisition and trading of currencies simple, secure, and quick for all users. Easily trade all top digital currencies directly from USD, EURO or GBP via your bank account or credit card with a few clicks. Babylonia is cryptocurrency for the masses, with competitive volume-based discounts going as low as 0.1%

Why is Helbiz partnering with Babylonia?

The future success of HBZ both within Helbiz and HelbizPay is highly dependent on the depth of the exchange partnerships established. For Helbiz we need to allow users to quickly and easily top up their in-app HBZ wallets through buying HBZ directly off the open market without leaving the application, seamlessly attracting new first time token holders, even without previous crypto experience.

Babylonia is finalizing several crypto licenses and introducing both direct fiat currency and credit card purchasing, and paired with their willingness to work with our development team to link our Android and iOS applications to their exchange we will be able to enable all Helbiz users to easily acquire HBZ with a single tap with their own debit and credit cards in-app.

This will significantly increase the reach, usability and organic volume of the currency and we are very pleased with Babylonia’s long term support. We believe Babylonia will be game changing solution on the market after its full launch and are happy for HBZ to be the sole currency that their native Babylonia BBY token can be bought through.

The Partnership with Babylonia will allow Helbiz to open up HBZ to all Helbiz users, not just investors with trading experience, in an intuitive and seamless way without the need to use a third-party trading platform or currencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin. The rapid expansion of HelbizGo, paired with the highly incentivized HBZ payments and a seamless buying process will allow Helbiz to convert its growing number of regular users into token holders buying tokens directly off the open market. With the planned in-app introduction of HBZ getting closer the partnership with Babylonia is essential for the vision going forward.

In the long term, Babylonia will also serve as a core part of HelbizPay’s backend payment infrastructure enabling users to pay directly with digital currencies in stores and online while giving merchants the option to receive fiat currency through automatically exchanging and converting crypto-to-fiat in the backend within seconds of completed transactions.

The agreement with Babylonia will significantly benefit Helbiz and HelbizPay, and the future integration with HBZ while at the same time swapping to BBY will create immediate value to early investors if they decide to cash out.

Babylonia BBY | $1.20 or 8:1 HBZ swap

Babylonia Token (BBY) is an ERC20 utility token that will be used throughout the Babylonia ecosystem.

Its main use case is to reduce overall fees, and other utility features include awarding users trade and referral rewards and access to an exclusive membership with tiered benefits. On top of that — each quarter, Babylonia will use some of its profits to buy back and burn BBY tokens.

BBY tokens will be listed on Babylonia exchange on Monday, December 3rd, 2018 at $1.20 per token

Exclusive Swap Program | HBZ to BBY at 8:1 rate

Turn your HBZ into BBY at 8-to-1 rate and simultaneously benefit from early access to Babylonia and its limited offered BBY token exclusively offered to HBZ holders at first before the full Babylonia platform is launched and sale opened up for the general public.

BBY will initially exclusively be offered to through HBZ from October 29th on at an 8:1 rate.

How does the swap work?

The Babylonia token swap program is the first of its kind, offering the owners of one ERC20 token (HBZ) access to another (BBY) via a smart contract. Babylonia is providing an interface (via a webpage with web3) for the general population to participate, but those with Ethereum development experience can programmatically interact with the smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum main network.
This kind of atomic swap is specific for Babylonia, but the general process is (1) relinquish ownership of your tokens by approving the transfer (2) depositing your tokens for the contract and (3) claim your new tokens after the vesting period. For those interested in how to participate programmatically, follow @babyloniaEX for an upcoming post.
- Carlos Beltran, Lead Blockchain Engineer Helbiz

Babylonia Exchange Launch

Helbiz, is now listed on Babylonia and can now solely be traded via Market orders, with limit orders and fiat trading being introduced in November.

Listing time: October 29
Pairs: ETH/HBZ & BTC/HBZ, (USD and Euro coming soon)

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