HBZ — Monday Update

An update on last weeks progress on HBZ & HelbizGo.

The majority of the team has spent the past week in Milan preparing the next phase of HelbizGo, Bike, and Air in Europe and Italy. Throughout the week the team presented at various events and had several meetings with top politicians and large strategic partners, some of which will be announced next week and will be essential to help Helbiz to establish itself as one of the leading shared mobility providers in Europe.

As a result of the past week, Helbiz has received authorization from local governments to launch HelbizGo in Pisa and multiple cities in Spain in the following weeks.


The past week the team spoke on HBZ, Blockchain and the future of transportation at an event by BNP Paribas, gave two lectures at Bocconi University as well as a dedicated financial blockchain event in collaboration with Forbes. In addition to the public appearances, the team conducted a series of interviews with various media outlets as Helbiz is gearing up for its next phase.


The progress of HBZ integration is moving along and we are on track to launch in-app HBZ payments this month directly linked to Babylonia who has assured us that USD will be added to their platform soon.

Helbiz Pay

The internal beta of HelbizPay is functional, according to plan, but due to the Helbiz money transmitter license still being in process we are not legally able to release a public beta in December.

The process of obtaining the MTL and BitLicense is one of the top priorities of Helbiz with significant resources being allocated to all aspects of the application process — despite the prolonged application process the lawfirm and compliance team are assuring that everything is moving along smoothly.

Despite not launching the beta of HelbizPay in December, the code written and payment infrastructure built as a part of the HelbizPay project will be reused within the Helbiz app creating the foundation for HBZ integration in the following weeks — allowing all users to obtain and spend HBZ in-app.


Over the last month, our R&D team has been stress testing our custom built car hardware and firmware. The results are satisfactory and we will take it to the next phase installing our prototype modules in a small test fleet in Serbia to be monitored by our R&D team. The integration of seamless one-touch P2P rentals will be introduced in the V2.0 of the app, after finalizing the public beta of the hardware and firmware, and full production. We will update the community on a weekly basis as this progresses.

Babylonia X HBZ

We have received several messages regarding Babylonia and its BBY token and would like to point out that HBZ was a currency to buy BBY as a part of a larger partnership between Helbiz and Babylonia but the two companies are not related and any questions or concerns regarding BBY should be directed directly to Babylonia.

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