HBZ — Monday Update

An update on last weeks progress on Helbiz & HBZ.


Over the next few weeks HBZ will delist from several of the smaller exchanges with no volume. This is a strategic move to focus on a few strong core exchanges to improve and centralize the trading, experience, and liquidity for all current and new investors to strengthen HBZ.

After HBZ has been successfully integrated within the Helbiz application as a payment method and delisted from select exchanges, the team will focus on listing HBZ on one of the top exchanges paired with a marketing push for general awareness within the cryptocurrency communities at the beginning of the new year.

Telepass x Helbiz | Partnership

Two weeks ago Helbiz could proudly present one of its largest partners, Telepass, the multi-billion dollar transportation ecosystem and largest operator of toll-booths, highways and parking in Europe, with 6million monthly paying customers in Italy through its mobile application for transportation services. 
Over the last week the Helbiz dev team has worked together with Telepass on properly integrating the scooter fleet and testing the various API’s before releasing the beta test of the Telepass app with the in-app rental experience next week. Thereafter the entire Helbiz fleet of Scooters will be directly available and rentable from within the Telepass app putting the Helbiz inventory directly in the hands of 6million active Italian users every day. The partnership and integration will be essential for the growth and reach of Helbiz.

HBZ Payments

The infrastructure for HBZ payments was finalized last week and is currently running on a test network while the iOS team is expected to deliver the corresponding application screens this week before testing the full experience followed by a phased rollout throughout December.
Once integrated, HBZ will be able to be purchased inside of the Helbiz application with a few clicks, with tokens being bought directly off the open market through the Babylonia Exchange integration.

All users paying with HBZ will receive a 50% discount on rides.

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