HBZ — Monday Update

An update on last weeks progress on HelbizAir, HelbizGo & HBZ.

Over the past week, the majority of the Helbiz team traveled to Milan, Italy, for a series of events, partnership meetings and to be a part of the on-ground operation of HelbizGo ahead of scaling to the next cities in line. 
Besides meetings with Forbes, local newspapers and several team members giving speeches at various conferences and universities on Helbiz, HBZ and ICO’s Helbiz focused on continuing its momentum to establish growth across multiple verticals.

The HelbizGo application was updated to include geofencing and several performance enhancement allowing for a more controlled and optimized operation.


Helbiz invited the team of the autonomous drone manufacturer, operator and partner by the offices in Milan to discuss the next phase of HelbizAir and the upcoming route scouting and preparation in order to establish one of the first commercial on-demand autonomous drone taxi routes in 2019. 
Together with the drone partner Helbiz will deploy a team of engineers within the next 45 days to begin mapping and testing the anticipated routes ahead of the first test flights.

Telepass x Helbiz | Partnership

The past week Helbiz could proudly present one of its largest partners, Telepass, the multi-billion dollar transportation ecosystem and largest operator of toll-booths, highways and parking in Europe, with 6million monthly paying customers through its mobile application for transportation services. 
Helbiz will going forward make its entire fleet of Scooters and Bikes directly available and rentable from within the Telepass app putting the Helbiz inventory directly in the hands of 6million active European users every day growing the visibility and reach significantly.

The partnership with Telepass involves multiple verticals with several strategic projects and partnerships with significant impact on the Helbiz ecosystem.

HBZ Payments

With the recent developments in regards to the in-app HBZ payments, it is expected that the Helbiz team will start testing a beta of in-app HBZ payments by the end of this week on TestFlight, followed by a phased rollout throughout December.
Once integrated, HBZ will be able to be purchased inside of the Helbiz application with a few clicks, with tokens being bought directly off the open market through the Babylonia Exchange integration.

All users paying with HBZ will receive a 50% discount on rides.

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