HBZ — Monday Update

An update on the progress and expansion of HelbizGo, upcoming HBZ integration.


Through the last week the Helbiz team met with local authorities in both Spain, France and Monte-Carlo and successfully got the authorization to launch HelbizGo in the respective markets as early as 2018.

From a product perspective the final updates of the version 1.0 for iOS and Android are expected this week before the app dev team joins the rest of the team working on HBZ integration.


The main priority of the Helbiz team is to seamlessly integrate HBZ in the iOS and Android application as a payment method.

Currently both the software and legal aspects are moving along as planned and are on schedule with the HBZ roadmap laid out the 3rd of September. We are expecting to be able to offer in-app HBZ wallets for all users with the ability to pay for all rides on the platform as early as December with HBZ.

For users it will mean that they will automatically be assigned a dedicated HBZ wallet upon account creation in the Helbiz app and all users will be encouraged to both acquire HBZ directly inside the app via Babylonia and pay for their rides with HBZ to enjoy savings of up to 50%.

In addition to payments and the ability to fund wallets through traditional wallet-to-wallet deposits Helbiz is also introducing the ability to purchase and top-up HBZ wallets directly from within the app via credit or debit card. Last weekend an agreement was signed with a large payment institution in London and together with the Babylonia partnership all users will be able to use their personal cards to purchase tokens inside Helbiz app directly from the open market on Babylonia. With the seamless acquisition and highly incentivized usage Helbiz intends to use its increasing visibility and userbase and simple process to actively increase the demand for HBZ among its users to strengthen both volume and demand globally.

The planned December integration of HBZ will mean that a percentage of all rides will be paid directly with tokens bought from the open market through market orders, and that the scaling of the Helbiz operation will directly benefit all HBZ holders both in the short and long term.

HBZ Partnerships

Helbiz has over the weekend finalized two significant strategic partnership agreements with two of the largest mobility providers in Italy and Spain, both valued at above $1B, that will greatly impact both the reach of the platform as well as the usability of HBZ.

The partnerships involve co-branding the entire Helbiz fleet as well as adding HelbizGo’s inventory directly onto their mobile platforms in addition to our own app enabling their millions of users in each country to see, book and ride Helbiz from day 1. In addition to the marketing boost we are pleased to announce that all users of their platforms will be able to settle their monthly bills, which includes public transportation subscriptions, with HBZ as the only cryptocurrency from within their web app. The partnerships will help to establish HBZ’s credibility as a verified payment method for the general population for mobility solutions, public and private, outside of the internal ecosystem.

The partnership, including integrated HBZ wallets and cards, will allow us to showcase both usability and functionality on a large scale in order to establish similar partnerships with the other local governments that Helbiz currently have relationships with.

The names of the partners and details of the partnerships will be released along with the reveal of the new co-branded fleet which has been re-designed from scratch and after HBZ integration in early December.

In regards partners and transfers made by HBZ main wallet:

All partners of Helbiz projects, large and small, are compensated in HBZ.

Transactions are made to their respective accounts on various exchanges, even if the partners usually only accept fiat. It is a requirement of Helbiz to compensate its partners in HBZ only.

As Helbiz is scaling globally and gearing up for the integration of HBZ as a payment method we are relying on a network of strategic partners inside and outside of crypto communities to establish mainstream credibility as a payment method among established mobility partners as our goal is for HBZ to live outside of the Helbiz app as well.

Even larger traditional partners are compensated in HBZ, and whether they decide to hold or liquidate to cover costs associated with the partnerships and production for Helbiz is up to them. Due to the temporary drop in value the HBZ partnership payments have increased in size as the transfers need to be equivalent to the dollar value agreed upon with the individual partner.

According to the whitepaper the HBZ funds have always been earmarked growth, and the circulating supply will continue to increase as the project moves forward over the years but the total supply will remain fixed. All the moves are made for the improvement of the project and usability of HBZ — our goal is to create real long-term value through a well-crafted infrastructure.

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