Helbiz — Monday update

This week’s update will briefly summarize the state of the product as mentioned by Salvatore in last weeks AMA.


As CEO Salvatore mentioned in last Friday’s AMA Helbiz will conduct a soft launch in Los Angeles in the near future allowing a specific amount of renters and cars onto the platform per week to control the supply and demand to make sure all users have the full seamless experience while simultaneously ensuring the functionality of the platform before opening the platform up and scaling.

A few weeks after the soft launch Helbiz will start its marketing efforts to increase its brand awareness, onboard cars and grow its user base on on the platform.

Hardware installation

The first Helbiz hardware unit and smartlock is scheduled to be installed this week in Salvatore’s personal Range Rover in Los Angeles after a slight shipping delay of a component from Europe.

After the successful installation, and four days of testing inside the garage, the car will be on the public roads of Los Angeles for the final phase involving repeated rentals with multiple devices in a closed beta. Both installation and public road testing will be shared on Twitter, Telegram and Instagram with image and video content.

Token Burn

5.25m tokens will be placed in a dead wallet, once Helbiz creates its own chain the tokenswap will be for all tokens except the deadwallet and thereby correcting the total supply to 1billion.

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