Helbiz — Monday Update

An update on the progress and expansion of HelbizGo, upcoming HBZ integration and car-sharing platform.


HelbizGo has been received overwhelmingly positive in Italy and the team is currently working on updating the Helbiz iOS and Android app on a weekly basis to improve the overall experience both from a UI and UX perspective based on the various suggestions from the community.

Over the last week in-app chat support was added for all users along with language localization for Italian, French and Spanish.

With the testing being successful Helbiz has per 1st of November signed a new country manager for Spain and Portugal who will be in charge of establishing local operations and teams in both countries before the new year.


With the application successfully launched and operations established in several countries the focus of the team is now on seamlessly integrating HBZ in the iOS and Android application.

Currently both the software and legal aspects are moving along as planned and are on schedule with the HBZ roadmap laid out the 3rd of September and we are expecting to be able to offer in-app HBZ wallets for all users with the ability to pay for all rides on the platform as early as December with HBZ.

Going forward each new account will automatically be assigned a HBZ wallet and all users will be encouraged to acquire and pay for their rides with HBZ to enjoy savings of up to 50%.

In addition to payments and the ability to fund wallets through traditional wallet-to-wallet deposits Helbiz is also introducing the ability to purchase and top-up HBZ wallets directly from within the app via credit or debit card. Over the weekend a new agreement was signed with a large payment institution in London and together with the Babylonia partnership all users will be able to use their personal cards to purchase tokens inside Helbiz app directly from the open market on Babylonia. With the seamless acquisition and highly incentivized usage Helbiz intends to use its increasing visibility and userbase and simple process to actively increase the demand for HBZ among its users to strengthen both volume and demand globally.

As previously described the goal of Helbiz is to seek mainstream adaptation, and to incentivize the use HBZ phase by phase through intuitive interfaces making HBZ as easily accessible as possible, as it is the team’s belief that a large user base will benefit the project and HBZ more.

The planned December integration of HBZ will mean that a percentage of all rides will be paid directly with tokens bought from the open market through market orders, and that the scaling of the Helbiz operation will directly benefit all HBZ holders both in the short and long term.

Top up in-app wallets directly with cards or wallet-to-wallet deposits

Babylonia | BBY vs HBZ

Last week Helbiz announced a partnership with the cryptocurrency exchange Babylonia, which involved a limited exclusive sale of their BBY token only through HBZ. The agreement with Babylonia involves them integrating their matching engine and for them to process all in-app purchases of HBZ through the Helbiz iOS and Android platform to the benefit of HBZ.

To clear up any confusion based on last weeks support requests received by the Helbiz team:

  • HBZ and BBY, are not related nor do they serve the same function
  • Swap is not mandatory, HBZ is simply the currency BBY can be purchased with
  • Helbiz believe the partnership will greatly benefit the value of HBZ long term.
  • Helbiz is promoting the partnership and BBY swap as requested by Babylonia — it is not to encourage the community to get rid of HBZ but instead make them aware of Babylonia and to buy additional HBZ to swap if interested in BBY.
  • Any specific questions about BBY should be directed to Babylonia and their support team as Helbiz’s customer service only is dealing with matters regarding Helbiz.

Car Sharing

Over the last month the development operation has scaled and a separate R&D team has been established to be focus solely on the car hardware, firmware and integration with the Helbiz app. Due to a few reliability issues with the previous API’s it was decided to write new firmware and software for the 4G car module and develop a custom in-house SDK. The new firmware was completed this weekend and will be tested over the next 2 weeks whereafter we will release another update.

With the car hardware almost production ready Helbiz will, similar to HelbizGo, also acquire a small B2C fleet to supplement the Peer-to-Peer inventory to both serve as initial public promotion, testing and to ensure that both scooters and cars will be available 24/7 in all cities that Helbiz operates.

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