Helbiz-Monday Update

The new Helbiz website is live

New Website

The new Helbiz website for the mobility platform is live on https://www.helbiz.com, currently allowing car owners to register their cars on the Helbiz platform. The website will be updated over the next couple of weeks, adding more pages about the technology powering the platform, the impact of blockchains, reservations and functionality leading up to the launch of the application whereafter it will be possible for users to rent directly through the website. The reason for the early V0.9 launch is to increase the car registrations globally in partnership with EXMO.

Since the new mobility website is solely focused on the rentals of the mobility platform and is optimized for a broader rental audience the HBZ coin & ICO information will be moved and showed solely on helbizcoin.io. Helbizcoin.io will be updated in the near future as well.

We would greatly appreciate the support of the community in the following weeks leading up to the public launch, so any comments, concerns or bugs regarding the V0.9 of the site can be submitted to ask@helbiz.com so that we can optimize the site every couple of days before introducing Helbiz to the public in September.

5.000 HBZ Giveaway per Car Signup

With the launch getting closer the Helbiz team is focused on encouraging user and car registrations, and have therefore partnered with Exmo to create a large scale airdrop of HBZ tokens to all car owners who register their car or cars on the platform. The promotion is limited to 15.000 cars, 500 per city totaling 75m tokens.

Each car owner who:

  • Register his or her car on the Helbiz platform
  • Enable crypto payments for rentals
  • Create an account on Exmo

Will receive 5,000 HBZ!

The 5,000 HBZ will be deposited directly to the Exmo account of the user once the device has been installed in the registered car by the Helbiz team. The promotion is global as Helbiz has applied for licenses in Europe, and are having meetings in Asia the following two weeks, to set up operations worldwide.

The promotion is valid in all countries and you will be contacted ahead of launch in the respective country by the Helbiz team. The promotion will run until 15,000 cars of Exmo registered users have been successfully added to the platform and the promotional funds have been exhausted.

Exmo will be in charge of the entire promotion from end-to-end based on a synchronized Helbiz database of the VIN numbers of installed cars

You can register on Exmo here: https://exmo.com/en/
 You can register your car: https://helbiz.com

OBS: In order to receive the promotional bonus the email of the car sign up needs to be identical to the registered Exmo email.

The promotion is limited to 15,000 cars, 500 per city, totaling 75m tokens. 
 The 75m will be transferred directly to Exmo in the near future who will run the full campaign on behalf of Helbiz.

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