Rent directly with HBZ

Pay for scooter rentals with our Ethereum ERC20 token

Last week at Politecnico, the top university for engineering in Milan, our team announced something that has been quietly under development — HBZ token payments for HelbizGo. This is the first time we have spoken about this project, and we are excited to share the announcement with the rest of the world.

To put it simply, we are allowing customers to pay for scooter rentals with our Ethereum ERC20 token, HBZ. This means that anyone that currently holds HBZ will now have a real-world use for the token, something that many ICO projects strive for, but not many are able to deploy at the level that Helbiz can. With scooters in Milan, soon Paris, and then Madrid, we have the opportunity to introduce cryptocurrency payments at an international level.

How will we accept cryptocurrency payments? We will skip the technical details in favor of showing you the steps.

  1. First, we take ownership of customers’ HBZ tokens when they deposit them via an Ethereum smart contract.
  2. Then, our private network registers these deposits and credits the user’s HBZ balance in the application.
  3. Finally, every HelbizGo scooter rental deducts from this balance until the customer has to acquire more HBZ.

At this time, we’d also like to mention that users will be able to purchase HBZ directly from our mobile application. This is made possible with a partnership Helbiz has made with It can be guaranteed that users will be able to purchase HBZ using their credit card, and have their HBZ wallet automatically refilled as needed. This partnership is critical, as we want to enable this functionality to everyone, even those who have never purchased a cryptocurrency before.

The internal development of all of this has been in progress, and we anticipate a beta rollout in the coming weeks.

If you have questions from the development or product perspective, please reach out to with the title “HBZ | Medium” and our dev team will take time to answer as many requests as possible throughout the next few days.