On the Subject of Dealing with Life’s Hardships

“Life isn’t fair.” It is said so often that it has become trite in society. While life isn’t fair at times, everyone has their highs and their lows. While you may have been dealt a bad hand now, your time will come. Money and possessions are used by many to measure their success, but the real measure of life’s value is in the experiences and the people involved in those experiences. While your collection of good memories don’t eliminate the bad ones, the bad ones do not devalue the good ones. All of these are a part of our DNA, a part of our narrative, weaving themselves to form your personality. The key is to work through those tough times, knowing that better times are ahead. We would not be the people we are today without the entire collection; bad memories have value. Bad memories teach us to deal with adversity, what we should and shouldn’t do in similar situations going forward, etc. This feeling is fleeting. The highs in life may be ephemeral, but so are the lows. So, hold tight to every moment on this wild ride called life, cause every experience makes us what we are now: Human.