At Home with Lomond Paper Co.

The Bothy

Sarah Gibson set up her company Lomond Paper Co in 2015 and has never looked back. Lomond Paper Company is a design studio offering beautiful contemporary paper and gift products that are from hand-drawn originals. Sarah, who lives in Helensburgh, also designs company branding and logos and recently designed our very own Helensburgh Living logo.

Asking Sarah about her background into design she said,

“ I had always had wanted to start a creative business , I wanted to study graphic design at college but ended up doing a degree in Environmental Studies because I thought it would pay better and get me a good job. Once I finished my degree though, I knew I didn’t want anything to do with science, all my energy was still in art and graphics”.

“When I left University I got a job on a newspaper designing adverts and I learnt a lot with different graphic programs”.

“ At the beginning of Lomond Paper Co. I looked at what other people were doing and took inspiration from different brands. I follow Whit and Whistle on Instagram, I love her work, its quirky and funny, off the wall stuff. My favourite brand is called The Rifle Paper company, a stationary company based in the States”.

Sarah Gibson

“When I first set up the company the first thing I looked at was my branding. I kept an eye on what other people were doing, I read books such as “How to Style Your Brand” by Fiona Humberstone which is brilliant, that helped me set up my colours, style, concepts etc. I also took on small jobs designing logos and branding for companies.

I taught myself calligraphy, you can learn pretty much anything now online, hand lettering is really in at the moment so I taught myself with an online tutorial. Quotes and hand written words on cards are really popular and I loved working with the idea that the words were part of the drawing. My key style is illustration and hand lettering.

“My process takes the form of sketching out ideas in my sketchbook, once I’m satisfied with the drawing I then redraw it on to a piece of white paper. Alternatively you can also use a light box and trace over it. Then I scan it on to my desktop and adjust with a software package. You layout it out and then its done. Send it off to the printers! Its really quite straightforward”.

Sarah also says that when setting up on your own, one of the most important elements is having a “critical friend”.

“I spend a lot of time deliberating over the design, so I get input from friends. Your friends can be too kind though, you need a critical friend to give honest feedback”!

Asking Sarah about her range she said,

“This year I am working on my calendars, cards, weekly planners, to do lists, and yearly wall planners. I have lots of ideas in the pipeline, for example I am training at the moment for a triathlon and I thought a marathon planner would be really useful for keen runners to plan in the lead up to a marathon or sporting event.

I love what I do, we obviously have a creative streak in the family, my sister is a street style photographer in London and has just brought a book out on shoes! My other sister is a children’s book illustrator.

It doesn't take me long to find inspiration in Helensburgh, I love Hill House, the buildings and our streets in spring with the cherry blossom. I am originally from Cambridge but have been up in Scotland now for 11 years. The community in Helensburgh is so welcoming, I think you get a better quality of life and a cheaper way of living than in London. There are no traffic jams and no big commutes to worry about”

Hand painted designs by Sarah

We moved to our house three years ago and have spent those years doing it up. We love the history of the house and we carefully restored all the original features. I like to think our house has a contemporary feel with an original backdrop”!

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