Henry Pryce — Beafitu

“We’re a reflection of what’s in our cupboards, the sum of all our choices”.

A peek inside Henry’s cupboards

Glasgow born Henry Pryce has turned his hand to many things in his career to date. Employed for 25 years in police IT he worked in the criminal records office in Glasgow organising the thousands of criminal files that came through the door.

Further to being offered redundancy he then turned to a passion that he had nurtured throughout his life, writing.

I had always wanted to write a book and with 25 years of experience and knowledge of police cases I had a great platform on which to base my crime novel!”

Using his experience of working with the finger print team, police and forensics he had the advantage of many years working alongside the police and the thousands of criminal cases that came through the doors. Whilst his book was not published he did find work writing short stories for magazines.

Realising that writing was not going to support the family financially he turned to another love, fitness.

“My love of fitness came from an early age, I watched the film Rocky at the age of 13 and started running pretty soon after, I didn’t have chickens to chase but it gave me the inspiration to get healthy and fit! I also boxed as a teenager and then in my twenties and thirties I ran half marathons and got into road cycling”.

With his wife Georgina working full time in Glasgow and with two young children, Henry knew he wanted a job that would let him be at home in the morning and at pick up from school.

Henrys backyard gym!

I wanted a job that would fit in with the girls school and home life, we cherish our family time and ideally we were after a balance that would create a good life.

When I worked with the police, the part I loved most was the training of staff. I ended up doing more and more of it with my job as it was obvious I had a passion for working with people.

Initially I worked with Tobias Moir from the company Body Core in Glasgow. Tobias is a PT mentor and is incredibly positive, I still go and see him once a month”.

Of slim build himself and not the stereotypical PT muscle man, Henry says,

If you want big muscles then I’m not the trainer for you. I care about your health, diet and fitness, basically how to look after yourself and to maintain this as a way of life. I’m not into fast fat burn training, it’s simply not sustainable. The majority of people put the weight back on when they go back to their old habits.

Sustainability is the key, I maintain a realistic attitude to my clients and advise them on how to change their habits.We’re a reflection of what’s in our cupboards, the sum of all our choices”.

Henry working from home

I always say that if you’ve had 20 years of eating badly with little or no fitness regime then I’m not going to change you overnight”.

When Henry talks about food you can see why he has been so successful with his clients reaching their goals,

If you eat bread, make sure it’s the best bread you can buy, get wholemeal. If you have been eating white bread for 20 years you haven’t gained any nutrition.

I use the mars bar or bag of crisps analogy. If you have a bag of crisps a day then that’s 1,000 calories a week. Multiply that by 4 and you’re consuming 4,000 a month. That’s equivalent to a pound in weight. Or just under a stone a year. It’s quite an eye opener when you look at it in that way”.

Who needs air conditioning when you workout in the great outdoors!

“In session 1 of my role as a PT I assess the client, I look at the persons current fitness i.e what can they do strength and stamina wise and we look at what their ultimate goal is. Is it increasing their upper body strength, do they want to improve their running or cycling, or simply do they want to learn how to get going again after having children. I also look at their diet and we work out a weekly program together.

Its really two jobs though, you can help with their training but it’s also how you deal with that person mentally. Everyone’s different physiologically and that’s what makes it so interesting”.

Happy clients with Beafitu

“You can’t ever quantify fitness but I do like to think that I’m improving that persons quality of life for longer. If a person comes to me for a class, I’m positive that I have added two days of a “feel good factor” to their week. Yes your muscles might ache the next day, but you know it’s a good ache and you know your body has been working.

People also don’t mind where their fitness happens, it’s about the training and the camaraderie of working in small groups if you’re doing classes. I use my back garden, my shed and other areas around Helensburgh for group and client lessons.

It’s something a bit different, there’s no pressure that you sometimes feel in a big commercial gym. You’re outside, I Love it. I forget everything else, its all concentrated on that lesson, its brilliant, there is no room for anything else”.

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