The Breakfast Club at PJ’s Kitchen

Zaneta, Luke, Paul and Leah

Opening times :

Mon — Thurs 9.00am — 5.00pm,

Sat 9.00am –9.30pm, Sun 10.0am-5.00pm

Breakfast/Brunch menu served all day.

PJ’s cooking inspiration from around the world

As soon as the doors of PJ’s Kitchen open at 9.00am, the regulars start to arrive to a warm greeting from Paul Joseph, or PJ as he’s more commonly known in Helensburgh. After living in Helensburgh for the last 15 years he only made the decision to set up PJ’s Kitchen in the last 3 years. He describes his place as a “One stop place dependent on your mood, if its a takeaway coffee and run, stop for cake and a blether with your friends or taking time out to enjoy plates such as wild garlic pesto and pasta in the evening.”

Avocado pear, poached eggs on toasted muffin with smashed avocado & hollandaise, delicious!

Well it was breakfast we were here for and it did not disappoint. Opting for the poached eggs, avocado and hollandaise sauce, Helensburgh Living told PJ that 8 years ago it was a struggle to find anywhere good for breakfast in town. Bacon rolls were the staple on a typical breakfast menu with Eggs Benedict not making a show until the original RiverHill deli opened in town in this very spot.

Paul explained his love of food and states that breakfast is his favourite meal,

We get our eggs from Corrie Mains Farm in Ayrshire, they don’t normally supply as far out as Helensburgh but I persuaded them to deliver and our customers love them. The farm is award winning and they pride themselves in providing 5* facilities for their chickens!

Full Scottish Meaty

The black pudding is from Charlie Barleys in Stornoway, I spent time working on Stornoway and worked with Charlie Barleys (Charles Macleod) daughter and got to know the family well. Other ingredients are local, sourced from Callaghans butchers for all things meaty, Nature’s Harvest for their fruit and vegetables and The GingerBread Man for speciality breads such as their delicious sourdough.”

Coffee art

Our coffee is from The Home Ground Coffee Company, the family -run coffee roasters based in Cardross and its a special blend made specifically for us.”

Typical of Paul, he could not help producing more dishes for us to sample, his love of food evident and he was delighted to show off the dishes from the brunch menu. This included “Oor Reuben” a sandwich named after his son which consisted of toasted wholemeal bread, Marie Rose Sauce, Sauerkraut, pastrami and lots of melted cheese!

With breakfast served all day, what a great excuse for a long lie in and a stroll to Sinclair Street for a delicious breakfast and a read of the papers.

Oor Reuben sandwich
Noodles, beetroot and a fresh spring vegetable salad
Home made passion fruit cheese cake
Welcome to PJ’s
Breakfast Menu at PJ’s
Breakfast menu at PJ’s

Contact details:

01436 679 721

64a Sinclair Street, Helensburgh


Next week Helensburgh Living Breakfast Club visits Fruin Farm.