At first it may be hard to keep up with what the players are saying. We noticed that they tend to repeat phrases frequently, and replace phrases with acronyms.


  • DnD or D&D-Dungeons and Dragons
  • DM-Dungeon Master
  • NPCs-Non-player characters
  • PC-Player Characters
  • D6, D20, D10 — six, twenty or ten sided dice
  • AC — armor class — numerical rating of how hard a character or creature is to hit and damage with a weapon.


  • campaign-the story line
  • mini’s-figurines that represent a character
  • battle grid — large map that the players draw on
  • monster- general term for any enemy in the game
  • Various weapons — malee, mace and cross bow


  • okay roll for ________ (ex: initiative, damage, persuasion)
  • you encounter ________
  • you are greeted by_______
  • what is your strategy to take the enemy down
  • I would like to hit the person next to the _______ with my _______