A Supplemental Help to Good Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle and one that is sacrificed most often to keep up with our modern life. The hardest part about attending that part of health is ensuring that the sleep you get is quality sleep. It’s a lot more involved than simply going to bed early and avoiding caffeine after seven P.M. Sleep involves a lot of hormonal processes that you can actually enhance and aid in order to get more out of the time you have to sleep.

One deficiency that can have an impact on the quality of the sleep you get is magnesium. Taking a supplement, such as HCBL’s Calcium and Magnesium, before bedtime can improve your magnesium levels and help improve the sleep you get. The modern diet rarely includes the levels of magnesium and calcium that the human body needs. By combining the two, you avoid any potential heart problems that might be triggered by taking doses of calcium alone. They enhance each other, adding to greater effectiveness, and the HCBL’s Calcium and Magnesium puts them in a single dosage so you don’t have to juggle multiple pills.

While you usually only hear of hops in relation to beer, the hops flowers are also available as extracts and pills to be used as a mild sedative. Skullcap and peppermint are from the same mint family of plants and contain sedative properties as well. HCBL’s Sleep Like a Baby supplement combines hops, skullcap and peppermint in a single dosage. It also contains catnip, rosemary and mullein, adding antioxidants and cardiovascular improvement to the supplement.

Did you know that L-Glutamine (also called Glutamine) is an amino acid that’s the most abundant in your body? With that in mind, you might not think of supplementing it in order to improve your quality of sleep, but its’ uses in your body range from handling muscle health to mood improvement. HCBL’s L-Glutamine provides a simple dosage to aid in your body’s levels of this surprisingly vital amino acid. With the improved balance of your body’s chemistry, you’ll find sleep actually comes easier and you gain greater rest.

An herb that’s been used as a mild sedative for centuries is Valerian. It’s actually been used to ease insomnia since the second century A.D. It reduces the time it takes to fall asleep and improves the quality of sleep itself. The HCBL’s Valerian supplement also lacks the side effects of over-the-counter sleep medications. This means you can gain a full night’s sleep and wake up the next morning without feeling groggy or disoriented. Due to its’ mild affects, valerian isn't known to have addictive properties nor is there a history of dependency.

Considering how much chemistry is naturally involved in regulating sleep, it’s no surprise that there’s a hormone that’s extremely important to maintaining the circadian rhythms, also known as the day-night cycle. Melatonin is that hormone. While most animals don’t seem to have much trouble maintaining their hormonal balance, for us humans, a supplemental usage of melatonin can be an astonishing help in reaching a really good night’s sleep. The HCBL Melatonin supplement also includes the vitamin B-6 and reduces your pill intake to a single capsule before bedtime. With melatonin levels in the body decreasing as we age, this one pill can be enormously helpful in getting to sleep easily and sleeping deeply.

It’s more complicated than simply lying down and closing your eyes, but sleep doesn't have to be a hassle. A few reasonably priced supplements do your body more good than you imagine, and HCBL has a range of those available. When you sleep better, you feel better and when you feel better, you get more out of your daily life. Adding a quick dose of L-Glutamine or Calcium and Magnesium to the day can ease that sleep along, taking that much more off of your mind. Visit our website : www.hcbl.com

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