The sitemap is the blueprints for our product after a frantic round of brainstorming during the design sketches. In completing the sitemap, we are able to verify that we have

  1. An intuitive hierarchy
  2. Clear paths to the most prominent features
  3. General organization to our product
  4. All the features being actually present

The sitemap also needed to have some technical features, such as having all the boxes be the same size, all of the sitemap needs to fit on a single page, and the lines must be straight and centered. Our initial sitemap was an excellent step in our design process.

The sitemap allowed us to look before we leapt.

The fundamentals of our design were all established on the sitemap — the only errors in there being that some of the boxes were not of the sample size, and some of the issues were questionable (though not unreasonable). After some minor edits to the first draft of the sitemap, we felt confident in continuing to the next phase — the paper prototype. The sitemap would act as a foundation for which to base the paper prototype on

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