What’s on Your Professional Development Checklist?

From on boarding to succession planning, HR leaders are continually working to hone the skillsets of their employees, but how much time do they spend focusing on their own development?

Take a look at these five key ingredients to professional growth and why you’ll be able to cross them off your professional development check-list after attending Workforce Live! Dallas:

___ Stay up to speed on trends within the human resources industry.

In a field that is frequently introduced to innovative technologies and new methodologies, it’s important to stay knowledgeable on the most current trends. Speakers at Workforce Live! Dallas will explore timely topics such as the use of technology for recruiting, workplace flexibility, and new takes on D&I strategies. Tip! Frank Kalman, host of Workforce Live!, will present research from Workforce magazine’s research wing, the Business Intelligence Board. Be sure to read their supplementary whitepaper on ways to foster innovation and culture change within organizations provided to all attendees at Workforce Live! Dallas.

___ Continue your education.

Workforce Live! Dallas attendees will receive 3 credit hours to put toward both HRCI and SHRM recertification credit programs.

___ Network with new professionals in your area.

There are always new, creative professionals out there to meet at industry conferences, the good news about Workforce Live! Dallas is that attendees are all HR-industry professionals from the Dallas/Fort Wort and surrounding areas. Tip! Take pictures of any business cards you receive so you never have a collection stockpiling up! After the event is over, don’t forget to follow up with attendees on social media networks or through the Workforce Live Dallas app. #WFLive15

___ Discover best practices from experts in the industry.

Eight of the region’s most forward-looking HR practitioners and industry experts will share inspiring stories and practical tips they’re learned through their years of experience in HR. During the TED-style talks, Delta Emerson, president of global shared services at Ryan will explore her company’s take on flexible work policies, Deslyn Douglas Norris, director of human resources at Topgolf, will discuss how Topgolf hires using their “51 Percent” process, and more will step up to share their thoughts on successful workplace related practices.

___ Step out of your comfort zone.

Conversations at Workforce Live! Dallas will stimulate new and original ideas all around the room. Even so, all the exciting concepts discussed at Workforce Live! will remain idle visions unless you challenge yourself to turn the ideas into actions. Whether it be inside the office or not, embracing a newly learned idea and stepping outside your comfort zone will boost both your personal and professional growth. So take a little risk, get creative, and give one of the ideas you learned at Workforce live! — or any idea you’ve had lingering on your mind — a try!

There’s no better time than the present to begin working on your own career development; it is a lifelong process after all. Workforce Live! Dallas is filled with ideas to inspire, practical lessons to apply, and career-focused individuals to support HR professionals as they continue down their career development journey. #WFLive2015

Workforce Live! will be in Dallas on Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 at the Four Seasons Dallas at Las Colinas. To learn more about Workforce Live! Dallas, visit workforce.com/live-dallas.

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