Workforce Live! Makes its First Stop in San Francisco

Workforce Live! is back for its sixth season! First stop: San Francisco on September 9th, 2015.

Known for its innovation, San Francisco is home to some of the most successful startups and progressive companies in the world. The speakers at Workforce Live! mirror all the greatness that the City by the Bay has to offer, featuring people management leaders from Pinterest, Jawbone, Glassdoor and more. #WFlive15

This Week’s Featured Speakers

Michael DeAngelo
Head of People, Pinterest
How Pinterest Builds Culture

Strong culture makes for a strong company, and Pinterest knows well the importance of distinguishing its culture to fit its creative personality.

This talk will focus on Pinterest’s strategy, “Culture@Pinterest,” the company’s north star used to help build and strengthen its work environment.

Michael shares how, through a number of programs, specifically its stock option extension program, Pinterest has differentiated its culture in a crowded tech market to build a successful workforce.

Jeremy Welland
Director, People Analytics, Pandora
The People Analytics Maturity Journey at Pandora

A leading provider of online music, Pandora has used predictive analytics for years to deliver personalized music to its followers. Now, they’re using their analytics cleverness in-house to create fruitful human resources programs.

Jeremy’s talk will focus on Pandora’s data-driven approach to people management. It will include discussion on how the company defined its “People Analytics Roadmap,” and present examples on how Pandora uses assessments, analytical techniques and data visualizations to shine a spotlight on its human resources programs across recruiting, performance evaluation, leadership, promotion, and diversity and inclusion.

Jan Sysmans
Senior Director Marketing — Growth Markets, Saba
Performance Management: Time to Fix a Broken System

It’s no news that traditional performance management systems have come under scrutiny in recent years. This talk will share more effective alternatives to measure employee success.

Jan will explore why tired, outdated performance management practices should be re-imagined as a dynamic and ongoing approach to development. Continuous coaching and real-time feedback can effectively assess — and positively influence — employee performance in ways that can be engaging, instructive and aligned with the organization’s strategies and goals.

Workforce Live! attendees have the chance to meet some of the most exceptional minds from around the Bay Area. With eight short but rich speaker presentations, a Workforce magazine research delivery on workplace innovation and culture, and the opportunity to build relationships with local HR leaders, participants will surely leave with an assortment of unexpected ideas to advance their own people management initiatives.

Visit the Workforce Live! website for more information and to register now.

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