This is What Will Happen at the Democratic Convention
The Digital Left

I’m amazed, disappointed and saddened that my intelligent, progressive friends, on my side, the liberal side, the math and science side, the side that prefers facts and logic over the wilful ignorance of the Republicans — are indulging in what amounts to the level of climate change denialism.

I’m a big supporter of Bernie’s policies (the WHAT), though I’ve never been convinced about the HOW he was going to get his policies enacted into law.

I know passions are high and we never want to give up, but the fact that this is on the top of the r/SandersForPresident citing misleading math and numbers, excluding superdelegates leads me to believe that we can be likely victims of the same wilful ignorance we often accuse others of.

Any criticism of this will likely to be that the MSM is spinning something in favor of Hillary. This is not spin. This is numbers and rules set down long before this election even started.

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