Our Complex Universe

The reason I started this blog was to improve my skills at science communication. As I wrote in my first blog post,

The job of a scientist is to figure out how the universe works, to be one of those pushing the frontiers of human knowledge. But that job is pointless if this knowledge can’t be explained, at some level, to the average person!

One idea I came up with was to write a series of posts trying to explain some of the more complicated topics I learn about; after all, you truly understand a concept if you can teach it to another person. I have some ideas in the mix, and some drafts are coming together (in my head). However, I want to set a schedule to make sure that I actually publish them on time.

Here are my current deadlines for the next few posts in this series:

1. August 4th: Pulse dispersion and various de-dispersion techniques.

So far, that’s actually my only post in progress. I should make some additions soon.

I hope that this series — tentatively titled “Our Complex Universe” — turns out well. After all, it’s sort of what this blog is all about.

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