Amazing Folding Bike for for your RV, boat, plane or commute, or elderly ! CarryMe with 3 wheels!

Carry All Trike Here Soon; Presale Starts NOW

When the Westport was out of stock, I was looking for another folding adult trike that would be a reasonable alternative. The only other adult folding trikes were the illusive and expensive DiBlasi (it’s over $1200 but folds pretty small) and the Sidewinder (a cool folding recumbent trike but priced at over $1595+). Then I learned of the CarryAll.

Essentially, the CarryAll is a CarryMe with 3 wheels. In other words, this is the lightest and smallest to fold adult trike on the market — a quality machine that will last for years. And you can have one in about 3 weeks for $745. That’s right, the final price has not even been announced yet but I have authorization from Alternate Vehicles to offer a presale of the CarryAll for $745.

If you want a trike for your RV, boat, plane or commute, this is THE ONE to get and they will go very quickly. Call me to place your order !

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