“He who believes in ME" John 14:12.
"He who believes".
The devil believes and tremble ( James 2:19).

The scripture is either LIFE or letter (death).

What is the Word?
it is spirit and life giving WHEN WE BELIEVE (John 6:63).

[My comment :
cf the song : " when you believe".]

What is "believing"?
Believing is the ASKING of the divine LIFE that God gives.

[my comment:
A gift. No money involved.]

WHO desires this?
Everyone in this place can have DIVINE LIFE .

[ my comment: Divine life is divine ENERGY ... ].

"salvation is from the Lord." ( Jonah 2:9).

no man can save you.
No man can heal you.
[The Lord does it].

" he who BELIEVE in ME..." ..." ..Greater works than these, He will DO"...(John 14:12).
My father KNOWS it all...

I believe God wants to change the song in your heart.
He changed the following song for me. This is how it is sung:

Oh, then it will be Glory for me,
It will be Glory for me...

but God changed it :

Oh, it is now Glory for me,
it is NOW Glory for ME.
As NOW by his GRACE I can look on His face,
Now it is Glory, Glory for me.

the present tense songs are better than the future tense songs...

Has he come to YOU? ...
You must be filled with the SPIRIT. ../...

Words of (Written by) 

Photo: Smith Wigglesworth.

Above is a full text #Quote from Smith Wigglesworth…

A major worldwide acclaimed missionary of beginning of 20th century and of the 50s… being the one of the most famous missionary in historic American revival… (that took place mostly in Californie and worldwide…)…

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