The Venice Film Festival 2017 is
Late August or early September and takes place in Venice, Italy
The Venice Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world, and is held annually since 1932, between the end of August and beginning of September on the famous Lido island in Italy.

On the wonderful endlessly beautiful sand beache of Venice! Based at both the cinema Palace and the prestigious Westin Excelsior Hotel where nearly all the Hollywood celebrities have had at least once a stop over, at least once in their life… or more…

As a witness is the amazing photography archive of the Westin Excelsior !

The festival aims to raise awareness and promote the various aspects of international cinema.

Actors, actresses, film directors, celebrities and other professionals from the film industry attending screenings of the latest movies bring life and glamour to this little quiet island...

Nonetheless venice brings glamour on its own to the world as a treasure among treasures... shining worldwide already.

Venice each year as a Film festibal pays a tribute to Hollywood Cinema and to the best Cinema in the world, by inviting the most glamorous stars, and the best films of the planet. ..

Venice is the jewel of the world, is so thankful while offering the jewel among the jewels of films... also being filmed itself as a great film location. .. in so many films, so many times. ..

Retrospectives and tributes to major figures in film are also arranged to offer a better insight into the history of great cinema.

Venice Film Festival offers a lot of amazing awards, with the most prestigious being the Golden Lion, presented to the best film screened at the festival.

The Venice Film Festival also draws a host of superyachts to the Italian waters...

So you let yourself immersed in the glamour of the most lovely and prestigious event of the summer vacation on the Mediterranean Coast this summer.

This is mostly for those who have Cinema of Golden age as a passion ! And love great Cinema above all...

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(Photo of Venice by Joëlle RONDI. 2015).

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