Iowa Lineups vs. Savannah State

Man that BTN2Go Plus video was crap. There was a good amount of game that was lost to the Internet because I guess pseudo-exhibitions against bad schools aren’t worthy of adequate streams. As such, some of the numbers might be off by a minute here or there but I’m hopeful they don’t skew the numbers too bad.

Anyways, the lineups used on Sunday featured bench players extensively. It was nice to see some of those guys get extended minutes against competition in Carver. Hopefully it proves beneficial.

Savannah State @ Iowa: W, 116–84

  1. Iowa’s best lineup was one a type of lineup I was excited to see Fran break out: 4 guards and 1 post guy. Bohannon, Ellingson, and Jok are probably Iowa’s 3 best shooters so getting them on the court together can provide fireworks. Pemsl can operate as a facilitator in the post (there were a couple skip passes he made which impressed me from the elbow area) and Dailey is an x-factor athletically and can drain the corner three. I’m not sure we’ll see this specific lineup much in the future, but it was nice to see it perform well.
  2. I loved how Fran rode Ellingson throughout the first half while he was on fire. Not only did it unlock some creativity as described in 1, but it gives those on the floor so much space to drive and kick. If Iowa can get 5 or 6 more games like that from him, they can definitely make some waves throughout the season.
  3. The starters didn’t play much, though their minutes together were about the same as last game. Their performance in the second half was a nice change from Kennesaw State.
  4. Uhl logged his first minutes at the 5 tonight. They were a net negative but (if memory serves) they were really flying around the court and had about 3 or 4 straight offensive rebounds.
  5. Fran went with the Wagner-Pemsl-Cook frontline for a few more minutes tonight. It isn’t my favorite lineup since it could cramp spacing, but the athleticism Wagner and Cook with Pemsl’s craftiness make up for the lack of shooting.
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