Empowered Women International and the Magic Pebble

My experience as a student with Empowered Women International (EWI) is stimulating…it is very much what I needed to get out of feeling stuck…in a rock…I even related to Sylvester the donkey who became a rock when he used his magic pebble the wrong way. EWI relates to the magic pebble model….because we all have the magic pebble … but what we whisper to it is the problem!

The first big idea that captured my attention…is the idea of finding and staying in your genius zone. By genius zone, they mean the zone of tasks that you enjoy and excel at….Leave the rest for someone else… I find this model very freeing especially for women who are forced to do a lot of things without thinking, “Does this belong to my genius zone?”

The idea of a genius zone is related to how you can best manage your time from within….based on your knowledge of who you are and your awareness and connection to yourself.

Before joining EWI my model was to figure out the right priorities and put what comes first…

I put God and prayer first, then my beauty second…I struggled with the third and the fourth as I wanted to put my husband third and my children fourth…but many times the children came before him…It was not easy to maintain these priorities…this demanded a lot of discipline…but I felt that my priorities were right because after maintaining them I felt stronger, more focused, energetic, in touch with myself and in peace and loving to myself too…I had a peaceful mind that helped me to write a children’s book and publish it and get my master’s degree in Visual Media Arts while being a mother of five children! Wow…looking back …that was not easy…but my model reached a point where it became unresponsive….dead end.

The genius zone is another model that can be fused with the old one to become something GREAT!

The trick is to find my genius zone.

As a mother, my genius zone is reading my children, empowering them and connecting with them through activities…I am horrible at managing the household and cleaning…But I enjoy cooking…

So I should find someone to help with cleaning if my genius zone is not there….

As a wife, my genius is in being transparent and communicative.

Another important aspect of time management is creating peace and harmony with your partner…This is something I worked hard on to achieve! When you have peace with your partner, you have more energy and you see things as they are with no anger, resentment or build up!

As a creative person, my genius is in thinking, daydreaming, writing and creating ideas and finding meanings, photography, shooting videos,…empowering others, building communities and connecting people to each other….Serving humans my ideas and feelings and understanding humans is my genius…is this a social activist?