I will teach you how to find your passion, but it’s not enough

The moment I left college and started working, I had a goal to be a director in 5 years. Everyone told me it couldn’t be done — I did it in 4 ½ years. But, it was a pyrrhic victory. I was determined to reach my goal, so I ignored the feelings of unfulfillment and unhappiness. Ignore isn’t quite the right word. I was present and aware of the number of times I called my family crying because I was so unhappy, and the long periods of sadness on Sundays (the day before the start of the work week). I was living this strange duality. On one hand, I was deeply unhappy and on the other hand, I was a rockstar, growing revenue by some serious moolah at my job.

I evaluated my life and the part that consumed most of my life, time, and energy, was my job. When you spend that much time with something, you start to question if you’re adding value to society. I was not. My job neither added value nor benefited society positively. My industry reduced people to their fears and anxieties and exploited them. This lent itself to the treatment of employees like commodities. In retrospect, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. If you treat the people in your company like tradable commodities, then you will treat those who buy your products and the environment no better. Thus, you cannot expect to form or be a socially conscious company. Add to that, a cast of Machiavellian and feisty New Yorkers and you create a lion’s den. I was at a crossroads. I couldn’t continue to allow work to hijack my life and my peace of mind, so I quit.

Soul Searching

Once you make a dramatic life change like this, naturally an important life question follows: “what is the purpose of my life?” I delved into self-help books and motivational videos on YouTube, and they all said to start with your passions. I love business; I really enjoy developing business strategy and seeing it come to life. I also am very passionate about tea, as in I can talk to you about tea for hours kinda thing. So I decided to start a business selling high-end tea accessories. It turned out to be successful and quite lucrative. I combined two of my passions, but something was still missing.

People have always come to me asking for advice — business, professional and life — and to help them to develop successful strategies. So I decided to test out my skills and get into business consulting. I liked it. I was able to share my business skills, be a coach to my clients and make a good chunk of change. I loved that I had clients who were truly passionate about what they were doing. While I was experiencing this new kind of freedom, I noticed that many other women weren’t feeling the same. Most women were not living passion-filled lives. The startup world is dominated by men and after being in that environment, I knew that if I could help women build businesses they were passionate about it would be a win-win.

The Way Ahead

A new idea in tote, I started developing a business course to teach women how to build passion-fueled businesses. I created worksheets, ebooks, course materials — you name it — but something felt off. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I realized that I didn’t just want to help women to build businesses. I want to help women fall in love with their lives. An idea that women can start living the happiest version of themselves and live their life’s purpose now.

After my stint in the tea business and consulting I realized that passion is important, but passion that doesn’t fulfill as purpose greater than yourself is empty. When you are living your life’s purpose, it is much bigger than you. You start experiencing what I call life’s positive feedback loop. Using your skills and ideas to help or serve society reinforces your passion which leads you on the path to continue doing work that benefits humanity. You’ll gain fulfillment because your life’s purpose radiates beyond you and you’ll see the impact in every interaction you have. People enjoy being around happy, positive people, or rather the best version of you. Also, experiencing life’s positive feedback loop comes with less resistance. I find that just when I need something, life just gently puts me in the right place to meet the right person or find the right tool to support my life’s purpose. My life has become a series of fortunate events.

So no, I’m not interested solely in helping women build businesses they are passionate about. I’m interested in helping women to build a life they can say “Yes!” to. A life that embodies the best version of themselves to positively impact the world.

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