3,000 $PLAY referral program on herosphere.gg

How to earn $PLAY not only for yourself, but also for all the friends you bring to herosphere.gg!

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You — the referrer will receive 1,500 $PLAY

  1. Get your personal referral link here: http://herosphe.re/referral
  2. Share your referral link with your friends or communities you participate in and invite them to experience esports fantasy on the blockchain!
  3. Your first 750 $PLAY will be granted to you as soon as your referee has successfully finished the identification process on herosphere.gg (we have to make sure that the person is 18+ years old!) and has placed a buy-in (note that your referee will receive a free first buy-in — which also counts!).
  4. After your referee makes a $PLAY purchase on herosphere.gg (make sure to check out our purchase bonus!) you will receive additional 750 $PLAY, which will grant you a total referral bonus of 1,500 $PLAY!
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Your personal herosphere.gg referral dashboard

Within your own referral management dashboard, you can keep track of your referrals. Every user which has created an account through your referral link will be depicted in this list. Furthermore, you can see which activities your friend has already finished, as well as your earned reward.

Please note that in order to protect herosphere.gg from malicious activities, we have set a default cap of maximum five referrals per user! Once you have reached five referrals please contact our support at support@herosphere.gg and we will manually whitelist you for more!

Your buddy — the referee will receive 1,500 $PLAY

  1. Your referee creates an account through your referral link and has a free buy-in, which allows him to join any 1,000 $PLAY contest on herosphere.gg! Note that the referee will have to finish the identification process (KYC), so we make sure that he is legally allowed to use our services!
  2. After making a $PLAY purchase on herosphere.gg he will receive 500 $PLAY on top, as an additional bonus from his referral program (also make sure to have a look at our $PLAY purchase bonus, as they both work together!).

Good luck & happy PLAYing on herosphere.gg

The decentralized solution for igaming with own use case herosphere.gg

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