Why HERO is the best option

More and more ICOs launch each day and keeping track is difficult. Especially in fields where the Blockchain finds its first use cases start-ups pop out every day. After Vitalik Buterin mentioned online gambling as an example we get a lot of questions what differs us from others on the market because many people are looking to invest in those ICOs right now.

So let’s see…

The competitors on the market that we will mention in this story are Unikoingold, Wagerr, Augur, First Blood, Gimli, ETHBet.

One of our most important assets is an existing e-sports betting platform with currently over 230 000 registered users: www.herosphere.gg. With this we have shown that we can build a platform and grow a community. Another advantage is that Herosphere will be the first to implement the HERO, so token holders can start betting soon after ICO´s end. But basically any other provider will be able to integrate HERO. Partnerships will be a strong focus for us so that we can raise the number of HEROs played as fast as possible and therefor raise the value.

Few of the others have such a strong product on the market if they even have a product in place already (not product yet: Gimli, First Blood, Wagerr, ETHBet).

Some have a very niche field they are operating in like ETHBet, which is only focusing on dicing games. Also the target groups vary a lot, whereas Gimli for example only focuses on streamers or First Blood wants to build a competition platform where only users compete against each other. With herosphere.gg users can predict the outcome of professional players playing tournaments of any e-sport (on the current platform we are limited to League of Legends, Dota2 and CS:GO but we are continuously working on expanding this). People like you and me can create contests for their friends, family or colleagues, bloggers for their followers or official providers for a big crowd. At herosphere.gg we will offer public contests created by us but you can also join any other contest created by people from the community. And the best thing contest creators and the community will be rewarded.

When deciding on the strategy it was very important for us to have a real Blockchain use case and a decentralized business model in order to finally change the stigma in the betting world where only the middleman or shady bookmaker wins. We started this company with the simple need to challenge our friends for fun and not being dependent on some non-transparent provider that in the end takes our all money.

This is also where we differ from Unikrn, right now they are just a conventional bookmaker where you compete against the company. They have much hype because of their investors, but their token won’t be different to the one they already have on their site (At least they don´t provide any information on what sets them apart, neither on their website nor in the whitepaper).

With HERO you will be rewarded by creating contests or simply holding your tokens. Thanks to the smart contract 1% of all pots played — even if HERO is integrated in partners websites or other betting providers — will be given back to the community. The rewards that get pooled in the company itself through this reward will also be distributed to the community. A contest creator can set its own rules when it comes to buy-in or prizes. Being transparent is very important to us. Augur does have a Blockchain and decentralized use case but lacks a gaming system.

In the case of regulation, actually none of our competitors can proof a regulated ICO as we do: We have worked very closely with a known legal agency to assure our ICO performs under a clear legal frame work.

All in all the HEROcoin ICO has the highest ICO Bench Score of all mentioned above.

What we don’t dare to compare is the team set-up, but what we can guarantee is that our team is as committed and motivated as you wish a group of founders and employees would be. The founders have known each other since years, each of us with our own specific expertise. We have grown the business together from a small real world idea to a functioning product & loyal community planning out our ICO with a lot of transparency aiming to create the best possible and qualitative offer. The investors and advisors on board are well-known entrepreneurs and experts in the field of payment, entertainment, Blockchain etc.

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