At Herosphere, we were always about making things easier and leveling the field for end-users. It’s this very mission, that kept us going as we navigated novel regulation fields, massive change in user-behavior and openness to emerging tech and ‘esports boom’; we even survived the big crypto crash of 2018 and we are still working toward a shared goal in full power in 2020.

They say you don’t judge a team while it is sailing clear waters, you judge their ability to make it in the long term when sailing rough waters.

Herosphere and HeroCoin are sailing the toughest waters…

A new era of esports fantasy gaming on the blockchain has just begun! We are both happy and honored to announce that our player items are finally ready to rock. But what are those items we are talking about and why should you immediately test them out?

What are fantasy player items?

From now on you have the ability to boost the fantasy points of two of your selected fantasy players. This means your knowledge about the players in-game habits and play style will benefit your score! Our fantasy player feature will start with three items per game. …

How to earn $PLAY not only for yourself, but also for all the friends you bring to!

You — the referrer will receive 1,500 $PLAY

  1. Get your personal referral link here:
  2. Share your referral link with your friends or communities you participate in and invite them to experience esports fantasy on the blockchain!
  3. Your first 750 $PLAY will be granted to you as soon as your referee has successfully finished the identification process on (we have to make sure that the person is 18+ years old!)

Building a blockchain based business model is fun, thrilling and exciting, but definitely not easy. If you have followed the HERO brand, you will know that we put a lot of effort into making our product as user friendly as possible (as you can read up in our UX & UI article). Today, we are happy to announce the next milestone we achieved by partnering up with Coinfinity!

Paul Polterauer, CEO of HERO with Max Tertinegg, CEO Coinfinity

As of now, HEROcoin will be available in over 4.000 points of sale, them being tobacconists and petrol stations spread through Austria, via vouchers. Next to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash…

Meet ros, your Leauge of Legends boss #VoicesFromTheCommunity

We are devoting our new article series to YOU, our community. In “Voices from the Community” we want to feature people just like you who care about esports, & fair gaming. Today’s article brings you the story of our user “ros”.

Ros won our League of Legends Worlds Finals 2018 5000 PLAY buy-in contest with an outstanding performance. ros choose the perfect fantasy team and in addition to that was able to forsee the exact outcome of the match.

Ros prefers to remain anonymous, but he kindly agreed to share insights about…

A revolutionary reward system that benefits everyone in the HERO community

The platform & game specifics is an esports prediction & fantasy platform, which means users buy into so called “contests” (eg. a specific DotA2 tournament) to bet on the outcome of matches and choose their own fantasy team. Based on the users respective performance all participants of a contest are ranked and based on the specific modus. For example if your predictions are better than the majority of players entering a contest with you, you can double money from the pot.

All of this works through smart contracts.

The General Reward (GR)

When issuing HEROcoin we have also set…

HEROcoin has been successfully integrated with its first use case —! is an esports prediction & fantasy platform, that allows you to challenge other community members without a middleman. We were free-to-play for the past 2 years and grew to over 250k users.

You will still be able to use the free-to-play version when logging in but now we have moved our product to the Ethereum blocklchain! You can create an on-platform wallet to bet with HEROcoin — in under 5min.

How does it work?

We have been talking about our own on-platform wallet creation solution & also… is on the Ethereum mainnet

For the past year we have followed one vision — “work hard and bring our esports fantasy platform with our ERC20 token HEROcoin on the blockchain”. After six months of intensive testing, breaking and developing with a closed community of more than 300 hardcore supporters, we are ready to advance into open beta on the Ethereum mainnet.

People are already betting $200+ on our newly released blockchain product!

The whole HERO team is very proud and honored to announce that the time has come! Everybody now can create his on-platform PLAY WALLET and experience the first $PLAY contests featuring the League of Legends Worlds 2018 finals! This is a…

Get your PLAY on KuCoin

You want to use one on the first legal after ICO iGaming products worldwide? Get HEROcoin (PLAY) on KuCoin in four simple steps!

  1. Create an account on KuCoin
  2. We recommend using 2FA! The security of your funds is our highest priority, take good care!

A success story on exemplary Blockchain development

The day has come: HEROcoin has been successfully integrated on its first use case — for exclusive usage of the closed beta testers.

After an intense beta phase, with chosen testing members from all over the world, we have managed to get a product on the Blockchain within almost a year after ICO. And this is not just a product: Every piece & feature has been developed for the customers and shaped by them. Every single corner of the platform has been exposed to the beta testers and feedbacked by them.

After 3 waves, we were ready to do…

The decentralized solution for igaming with own use case

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